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We're bringing the powers and insight of Belbin to students!


We have been reviewing and updating Belbin for students - Belbin GetSet - and we now have a fantastic offering for young people aged 14-19.

We can help them discover their strengths, and in increasingly competitive educational and working environments, that’s just what they need.

Belbin GetSet prepares teenagers and young adults for the next stage of their education or career, by helping them to learn about themselves and their behaviours. It shows them where their strengths lie and what they have to offer now and in the future, building their confidence and promoting self-understanding.

Whether applying for an apprenticeship or composing a personal statement for university application forms, Belbin GetSet offers students a way to describe the unique qualities they have to offer – a language to use about themselves which will resonate with professionals and enhance their career prospects.

If you are a lecturer, teacher, or have an interest in apprenticeships, career advice, or just want to help young people reach their potential, then take a look at our website:





Belbin GetSet