Belbin Working Relationship Reports

The Belbin Working Relationship Reports elicit causes of possible conflict and promote productive partnerships.

The belbin Working Relationship Report helps to start conversations around conflict and promotes productive partnership sand collaborations




We spend much of our day working in collaboration with others. This may be in a team situation, or on a 1:1 basis.  Some pairs might fit well together, but need guidance on how to manage work between them. Others might get along well, but fail to produce results. At worst, individual differences can cause conflict and prevent anything getting done!




The language of Belbin can help, and in these situations the Belbin Working Relationship Reports are ideal.




These reports identify differences in behavioural tendencies between two people and pinpoint areas of difficulty.   By using the language of Belbin, conversations are depersonalised and hence more effective.




Download a sample Belbin Working Relationship Report




How can they be used?




We recommend that the reports are generated and used as a discussion document where the following can be explored:




  • Where are there Team Role similarities, and where are the differences?
  • What does this mean, and can we think of any examples where this has happened?
  • Knowing our behavioural difference, can we put together a plan for how we can work more effectively in the future?




The reports are ideal for managers when working out the best way of managing individuals on their team, and when solving conflict between team members.




How can I use the Belbin Working Relationship Reports?




Once individuals have completed their Self-Perception Inventory and (preferably) received Observer feedback, just get in touch.




Each Belbin Working Relationship Report (between two people) costs just £15 + VAT. You will need to specify the relationship - are they colleagues, who managers who - as this has a bearing on the Report. We will then generate the Report and send them to you as a pdf file.




If you are thinking about using the Belbin Working Relationship Reports on a regular basis, the Interplace package would be the best option for you, as they are included free of charge with this package.




What now?




Contact the Belbin Office

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