Belbin® for Organisations

Using Belbin with Individuals in Your Organisation

Belbin is the perfect tool to assess the behavioural contributions of individuals within your organisation.

After years of research into team performance within the workplace, Belbin identified nine different Team Role behaviours.  The most successful teams were not necessarily those with the most intelligent people, but rather those with all of the Team Role behaviours present.








An Individual Belbin Report identifies which of the nine Team Role behaviours the people within your organisation prefer to behave in and which they prefer not to.








A Belbin Individual Report will:




  • Quickly identify an individual’s key strengths and weaknesses
  • Show how their self-perceptions differ from how they are perceived by their colleagues
  • Contain personalised guidance for the individual about how to manage their behaviour at work and how to make the most of their Team Role contributions
  • Provide guidance for line managers giving insights into preferred ways of working and the environment in which an individual will thrive
  • Suggests working styles that may be suitable for that individual















Download a Sample Report

Sample of an Individual Report containing both the Self Perception and the Observer feedback to give the full 360 perspective








The Reports are quick and easy to generate




The whole process takes place online and is quick and easy to use.  The individual that you want to create a Belbin Report for needs to complete a short questionnaire that takes around 20 minutes.  Once they have done this, a Belbin Report is generated immediately based on their own self-perceptions. The individual can then ask up to 6 of their colleagues to input into the Report.  This is done via the Observer Assessment, which takes no more than 5 minutes.  Once at least 4 of their observers have fed back a full Belbin Report is then generated that includes their Observer feedback too




Belbin is affordable


With prices starting at just £42 incl. VAT for a one-off Individual Report, with discounts available when you buy larger volumes.




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You do not need to be accredited to use Belbin within your organisation




Throughout the Report guidance is given about how to use and interpret each page so that both you and the Individual concerned can get the most out of it.





Belbin is perfect to use when:

  • You want to select someone to join a new or existing team
  • Making decisions about which individuals to recruit or promote
  • Resolving conflicts at work
  • Helping managers to ensure that they are allocating the right work to the right people and maximising motivation and performance
  • Providing individuals with the information they need to take the next step on their career path
  • Building productive working relationships
  • Raising self-awareness and personal effectiveness
  • Building mutual trust and understanding

You retain control

As the administrator of your organisation’s account you can:

  • Determine when people receive their Reports
  • Access the Belbin Report for each Individual
  • See who has completed Observer Assessments and who has not (and can chase those who have not)
  • Request additional Reports (Team Reports and Working Relationship Reports) that require no additional input from your teams once they have their Individual Reports

“I found the reports to be a great addition to our Team Building training courses. They helped bring the theory to life and provided a useful aid for prompting and encouraging discussion of real issues and situations. The reports were easy to understand and the online interface easy to use.”

Tim Mitra. Training Products Development Manager, RICS

For 1 - 49 Individual Reports



1-49 reports

Team Report £90*

Prices include VAT

If you wish to be invoiced please contact us.

  • Complete online
  • Belbin Individual Report emailed to you within minutes
  • Up to six Observer Assessments included for a full report
  • No need to be accredited to use Reports
  • Pay in £, $ or €


Purchase Belbin Reports

For 50 - 199 Individual Reports





50 - 99 reports

100 - 199 reports

Team Report £90*

Prices include VAT

If you wish to be invoiced please contact us.

  • Complete online
  • Belbin Individual Report emailed back to you within minutes
  • Up to six Observer Assessments included for a full report
  • No need to be accredited to use Reports
  • Pay in £, $ or 
Purchase Belbin Reports

For 200+ Individual Reports



200 reports

Full Interplace Account = £3995

Prices exclude VAT

Includes 200 Belbin Individual Reports and unlimited access to Team Reports, Working Relationships Reports and Job Reports. Further discounts available when purchasing more than 200 units

  • Have access to Interplace, your own Belbin system online where you can control all of your organisation's reports
  • Your employees complete their questionnaires online
  • Belbin Reports emailed back within minutes
  • You decide how many Observer Assessments to be included for a full Report
  • No need to be accredited
  • Unlimited access to 8 types of other reports including Team and Working Relationship Reports, plus handouts to be used when you use Belbin
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* Team Reports are only generated once Individual Reports have been purchased and completed

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A Belbin Report for an Individual within your organisation identifies which combination of the nine Belbin Team Roles they prefer.

They're quick and easy to generate and cost from just £42 incl. VAT (volume discounts available).

Complete an online questionnaire, and within minutes you'll receive an email with the Belbin Individual Report.

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