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Use Belbin when running training or coaching sessions to identify and understand different behavioural contributions in the workplace.

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Why Belbin should be part of your training toolkit

Belbin is a practical and easy-to-use tool that can be applied to training and business outcomes.  The theory has been researched over nine years and is continually validated to ensure that it is perfect for the workplace environment today.  Belbin Reports take the theory and convert it into tangible, usable advice and guidance for both organisations and individuals.



“Business leaders view most profiling with a degree of skepticism, so we needed something with credibility in a business world, and Belbin fitted this need. Working with Belbin has been easy, they are just at the end of the phone so this makes life really easy for us, and makes us look professional when we are presenting the results to a client. We use Belbin with every client, and we’ve also used it in workshops, and this actually won us one of our largest clients to date! Quite simply, Belbin is easy, quick and interesting for clients”

Stef Langford-Brown. Client Services Director, Lucid Group

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