Belbin accreditation is recommended for those who regularly use Belbin as part of their training toolkit, and are looking to gain a deeper understanding of it and how it can be used in the workplace.

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Our two-day accreditation course is aimed at professionals who will be using Belbin Team Roles with individuals and teams, or who will be teaching the model, and will take you through:


  • The theory, including the original work carried out by Dr. Meredith Belbin and his team at Henley Management College
  • The nine Belbin Team Roles. The strengths and allowable/non-allowable weaknesses of each Team Role are explored in detail, along with combinations of Team Roles (after all, we rarely have a preference for just one type of behaviour)
  • The practical use of Belbin Team Roles. Including detailed analysis of the reports, and ways in which you can use them in numerous situations, including team building, coaching or conflict management
  • The full scope of using Belbin Team Roles. This explores the benefits of 360°feedback, team dynamics and job analysis


This course is recommended to anyone who wants to use Belbin Team Roles for training or consultancy. Why?


  • You will discover the real Belbin - it's more than just nine Team Roles, and it is definitely NOT about putting labels on people.
  • You will begin to use and understand the Belbin language that has helped individuals and teams to communicate and work together with greater understanding for over 30 years.
  • Our trainers will share practical ideas on how to use the Belbin Team Role reports, enabling you to plan workshops, training courses and coaching sessions.
  • You will be able to field questions from the more demanding course delegates with confidence.
  • You will have full backup from the Belbin office, so before giving feedback or running a course or workshop, you can benefit from our comments and advice.
  • You will have access to the 'Accredited practitioners only' section of our website which contains presentations/exercises/handouts and other resources for you to use when using Belbin.
  • You will receive 3 free Belbin reports, per organisation (worth £126).
  • When purchasing Belbin reports you will receive an Accredited discount.

If you would prefer to chat, please phone us: +44 (0) 1223 264975




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The Belbin Experience

Belbin Accredited recently ran their “Belbin Experience” package with Richard Threlfall Group with excellent outcomes.

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