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Team Coaching to support teams to survive and thrive in a constantly changing environment

For decades, Belbin has recognised and promoted real teamwork as the crucial link between strategy and business outcomes. Team coaching has long been at the heart of what we do.

The Belbin Accredited Team Coaching Programme has been developed to help others understand how to curate team growth, learning and better business performance.

This unique 9-month programme focusses on how to ‘be’ a team coach. It is delivered via 3 residential elements (Colabs) with online 1:1 support and group sessions in-between. 

This is not a training course that will be delivered to a rigid agenda, in a classroom style. Delegates will be responsible for their own learning which will require their full engagement for the duration of the programme. 

The programme leaders are experienced Team Coaches – you can reach out to them at any time, as individuals and as a group for comment, 1:1 support and group-coached sessions.

Become a Belbin Accredited Team Coach and also gain an AC Accredited Diploma in Team Coaching Training.


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Definition of Team Coaching

The Association for Coaching® (AC) uses the following:

“The application of coaching skills while working with a whole, intact team over time to improve inter-dependent members’ abilities to work together collaboratively to achieve the team’s collective purpose, potential and performance.”

The Belbin Accredited Team Coaching Programme Overview

This exciting new programme is designed for those looking to expand their skills and gain accreditation in the emerging area of Team Coaching. 

It provides a unique learning opportunity as delegates are guided and fully supported through a nine-month programme by a faculty of internationally accredited and experienced Team Coaches. 

The learning programme will combine elements of tacit learning through exploring relevant current theory, alongside individual action and practice, followed by active, critical reflection, with an emphasis very much on the latter.

This is crucial to the learning as it will enable delegates to cultivate an aptitude for reflexive learning. In doing so, delegates will be enabled to develop their own perspective, understanding and approach for when and how they would operate as a Team Coach.


Accredited by the Association for Coaching (AC)

The Belbin Accredited Team Coaching Programme has been fully Accredited by the Association for Coaching (AC), and has been approved as an Accredited Diploma in Team Coach Training (ADTCT).

All participants on the Belbin Accredited Team Coaching Programme will receive a 12 month AC Introductory Associate Membership from the start of the programme.

This is a valuable and useful resource for those training to be a coach to develop, connect and keep up to date with industry insights.


What this means for you

Upon successfully passing the final assessment you will be awarded:


1. 'Belbin Accredited Team Coach' status

This will include:

  • a certificate from Belbin
  • permission to say you are a 'Belbin Accredited Team Coach'
  • permission to use the 'Belbin Accredited Team Coach' logo
  • option to be included in the listing in the Team Coaching section of the main Belbin website 


2. 'AC Accredited Diploma in Team Coaching Training - ADTCT'

This will include:

  • a certificate from the Association for Coaching (AC)
  • complimentary access to selected AC website resources
  • option to join a 'fast track' route to study for further AC coaching accreditation


Dates, Cost & Delivery

  • Nine months, part-time fully supported learning
  • Three residential ‘CoLabs’ (2 x 3 days, 1 x 2 days) held in Cambridge area
  • Online 1:1 support and group sessions in-between the residential Colabs

Programme fee (Cohort 2) is £8,995 + vat and also includes:

  • Complimentary access for 9 months to Association for Coaching selected member resources 
  • Facilitation by a cohort of internationally accredited and experienced team coaches
  • Cost of final assessment
  • Post accreditation materials (incl. certificates and logos)
  • B&B accommodation on site at Hinxton Hall during each CoLab
  • Daily lunch during each CoLab
  • Dinner on a total of 5 nights during the CoLabs








Learning outcomes at a glance

  • An exclusive and unique programme using Belbin Team Roles as a basis for understanding team strengths
  • Learning outcomes representative of the ideologies covered by the internationally recognised Inner Development Goals (IDGs) framework
  • A focus on ‘learning by doing’, exploring relevant theories alongside individual action and practice
  • Collaborative learning approach to nurture development of critical, reflective thinking and self-awareness
  • Delegates will develop the confidence and ability to build and apply a personal approach to Team Coaching
  • Programme delivered by a faculty of internationally accredited and experienced team coaches

Cohort 2 dates - booking now closed

  • CoLab 1: 18th - 20th June 2024
  • CoLab 2: 15th - 17th October 2024
  • CoLab 3: 28th - 29th January 2025

Venue for CoLabs: Hinxton Hall, near Cambridge. Free parking on site is included.

Download a brochure for the Belbin Accredited Team Coaching Programme by completing the form.

Contains 'How to Book' detail and comprehensive details about the programme content.

Who should participate?

Individuals who are looking to develop the skills, confidence and aptitude to apply a personal approach to Team Coaching.

Delegates will require a high level of sustained energy and enthusiasm, an enquiring mind, a commitment to personal learning and development, and a willingness to continually practice and reflect. This programme is not a ‘tick box’, ‘learn by rote’ approach.

Delegates are required to be Belbin Accredited to join the programme.

Location for the CoLabs

The venue is Hinxton Hall Conference Centre, near Cambridge. Hinxton Hall blends stunning contemporary architecture with state-of-the-art facilities, alongside a Grade II* listed country house, all set within a beautiful, rural 100 acre estate. Accommodation (included in the programme fee) is provided on-site.  

Inner Development Goals Framework

A further unique aspect to this Team Coaching programme is that it is mapped to the Inner Development Goals (IDGs), an essential toolkit of skills for the sustainable development of leaders and individuals alike.

The IDGs are a fundamental framework that supports the United Nations ‘Sustainable Development Goals for a sustainable world by 2030’ initiative.

Waiting List

To maximise the potential for varied and in-depth learning, and to build a meaningful learning community within each cohort, numbers will be limited to 10 participants.

Dates for the third intake will follow soon. Contact us to join the waiting list and receive details once they are available.


If Cohort 2 is full, or if you can't make the dates, complete the short form and we'll add your details to the waiting list for Cohort 3 and advise you when the dates are announced.

Team Coaching Waiting List

Meet the Coaches & Tutors

Chris Jackson

Chris' introduction to team coaching came when he was recruited to help to develop and deliver a university programme based on the Finnish ‘Team Academy’ style of learning.

Meet Chris

Dr Elena Hinova-McNamee

Elena is a leadership coach and team coach whose varied experiences have fuelled her interest in how a coaching approach can be successfully used with groups and teams.

Meet Elena

Dr Georgiana Els

An Assistant Professor at Lincoln International Business School, Georgiana has developed an innovative module around Team Coaching methodology.

Meet Georgiana

Dr Sophia Koustas

Sophia is currently an Assistant Professor at Southern New Hampshire University, USA. She is actively involved in team learning, coaching, consulting, and entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Meet Sophia

Dr Pauline Miller Judd

Pauline splits her time between teaching at Edinburgh Napier University, and delivering team coaching, and facilitating leadership programmes for a range of organisations.

Meet Pauline

Hanna Saraketo

Hanna is a team coach from Finland, where team-based pedagogy was introduced in the 1990s. For over 30 years, she has worked mainly in business education.

Meet Hanna

Video: What is Team Coaching?

Team Coaching is a rapidly emerging field which can bring benefits for both companies and individuals, supporting achievement of both personal development and business goals.

Fenlan Miller from Belbin and Chris Jackson, one of the coaches on the Belbin Accredited Team Coaching programme, sat down for a quick chat to explore the question "What is Team Coaching (and what is it not)?".

Watch the short video to find out.


One of the programme tutors, Elena Hinova-McNamee, discusses team coaching including the benefits of applying elements of the IDG Goal number one, 'Being', within a team coaching approach.

The more self-aware individuals can be, the easier it is for them to adapt to this way of working with a team to help them to learn and develop.

Watch the short video to discover why.