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When you teach Belbin Team Roles, we want your students to experience the real Belbin, giving them a robust understanding of Dr Belbin's groundbreaking work with teams.




We are committed to helping educational institutions access the real Belbin. The only sanctioned method for completing a Belbin questionnaire is through our purpose-built application, which analyses and norms the results, incorporating peer feedback for a full picture of the individual's Team Role profile.




We produce a detailed, unique and informative Team Role Report which presents Team Role strengths and weaknesses in detail, along with personalised guidance, advice and learning points.




We have two Report sets which might be useful, depending on students' prior experience of work: GetSet and the professional version of Belbin. Why not contact us to find out which route would be most appropriate for your students?




There is no free Belbin questionnaire or free Belbin test. If you're using a self-scoring grid, you're likely in breach of our copyright.




You may have seen or found a document that claims to be a Belbin test. If it requires you to add up the scores yourself, it cannot be reproduced, even for educational purposes. We own the copyright and do not allow this questionnaire to be reproduced in any form.




What's wrong with the self-scoring test?




Apart from its reproduction being a breach of our copyright, it:




  • Is obsolete (no Specialist role)
  • Is not properly normed
  • Does not offer any Team Role advice
  • Lacks the balance of observer input, which is essential to the Belbin process.


We know that you place a high importance on providing a gold standard education to your students and on promoting the value of academic endeavour, ideas and intellectual property.




Why aren't I entitled to copy the test for educational purposes?




The Belbin test (The Belbin Self-Perception Inventory or SPI) was originally published in Meredith Belbin’s book, Management Teams: Why They Succeed or Fail (1981).




It is generally accepted that educational establishments have the right to reproduce up to 5% or 10% of copyright for educational purposes. However, the BELBIN SPI constitutes a separate literary work that is distinct from Management Teams. As such, it cannot be said that the reproduction of the entire SPI represents "fair dealing" under section 32 of the CDPA.


We will take - and have successfully taken - legal action against companies and individuals using unauthorised versions. To date we have taken action against more than 450 copyright infringements.




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If you are unsure about the testing your organisation is using, or would like further advice, please contact us.




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