To help us identify which combination of the Team Roles a person exhibits, we produce personalised behavioural Reports for both individuals and teams.

These Reports identify which of the nine key clusters of behaviour (or Belbin Team Roles) crucial to the success of a team or project individuals prefer, and pinpoint strengths and weaknesses.

The starting point is the Belbin Individual Report which identifies which combination of the nine Team Roles an individual exhibits.  To enhance the value of our Individual Reports, other people are invited to share their observations too (we call these Observer Assessments) via a quick five-minute online questionnaire.  We believe in the value of Observer Assessments so much that we include them for free with every Individual Report.

Once Individuals have their Reports, the information can be used to generate other Belbin Reports, most of which require no additional input from you or your teams.

Please note - if you have been using, or have been given, a self-scoring version of the Belbin Self-Perception Inventory, you are not using the authorised version of Belbin. Please check here if you are unsure.

1. Buy Online

This option is perfect if you want to have instant access to your Belbin Reports.  Pay online with a credit card 24/7, and you will receive the instructions to access your Reports via email. You can order Individual and Team Reports online, and can select whether you need the Reports to be generated in English, French or Spanish.


2. Order through the Belbin Office

If you need to order Belbin Reports and pay via an invoice, then please contact the Belbin office on +44 (0)1223 264975, where a member of the team can help you. In addition to Individual and Team Reports, you can also purchase additional Reports, book Belbin Training Courses, and order Games and Training DVDs.


3. Your own Belbin Interplace System

If you will be using Belbin on more than 200 people then our Interplace system is the most cost-effective solution for you.  As well as being the cheapest option, you also have access to all additional Reports for free (including Team and Working Relationships Reports).

  • Having your own BelbinInterplace account gives you the ability to create your own Belbin Team Role Reports, as and when you need them.
  • You decide whether to add Observer Assessments, to whom the reports should be e-mailed, who should be in each Team Report, whether to compare individuals to a Job Profile....the list is (almost) endless. The key factor is that you only pay for the Belbin Individual Reports. All the other Reports are included free of charge.
  • The Interplace account also provides you with a wide range of background information so that, as a facilitator, you feel confident to use the Belbin Reports. With eight other Reports available to you as well as free resources, the Interplace account is your one-stop shop for Belbin reporting.
  • Additional resources include presentations (to be used with or without Dr Meredith Belbin's voiceover); handouts; sample reports; video clips and more.

4. "All You Need" Package

As the name suggests, the "All You Need" package gives you everything that you need to use Belbin day-to-day within your organisation.

In addition to the Belbin Interplace System, you also get Accreditation Training, Belbin Games, and a day of a Belbin expert in your organisation.


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"I was talking to our HR manager regarding Belbin and we genuinely believed it would be way too expensive – pleasantly surprised at the cost."

Managing Director - Symonds Forecourts Ltd

For 1 - 49 Individual Reports



1-49 reports

Team Report £90*.

Prices include VAT.

If you wish to be invoiced, please contact us.

  • Complete online.
  • Belbin Individual Report emailed to you within minutes.
  • Up to six Observer Assessments included for a full report.
  • No need to be accredited to use reports.
  • Pay in £, $ or €.


Purchase Belbin Reports

For 50 - 199 Individual Reports





50 - 99 reports

100 - 199 reports

Team Report £90.*

Prices include VAT.

If you wish to be invoiced, please contact us.

  • Complete online.
  • Belbin Individual Report emailed back to you within minutes.
  • Up to six Observer Assessments included for a full report.
  • No need to be accredited to use reports.
  • Pay in £, $ or €.
Purchase Belbin Reports

For 200+ Individual Reports



200 reports

Full Interplace Account = £3995.

Prices exclude VAT.

Includes 200 Belbin Individual Reports and unlimited access to Team Reports, Working Relationships Reports and Job Reports. Further discounts available when purchasing more than 200 units.

  • Have access to Interplace, your own Belbin system online where you can control all of your organization's reports.
  • Your employees complete their questionnaires online.
  • Belbin Reports emailed back within minutes.
  • You decide how many Observer Assessments to be included for a full report.
  • No need to be accredited.
  • Unlimited access to 8 types of other reports (including Team and Working Relationship Reports), plus handouts to help you introduce and explain Belbin.
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* Team Reports are only generated once Individual Reports have been purchased and completed.

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