Objective   To translate concepts and plans into a working brief, and carry it out.


Hard-working and practical, Implementers turn ideas into working plans. They focus on what is feasible, and then get on with the task at hand. No stranger to a spreadsheet or Gantt chart, they tend to tackle work in a systematic, methodical fashion that ensures maximum efficiency.

Implementers are reliable and disciplined members of the team and are useful to an organization because of their inclination and capacity to do whatever work needs to be done. Where others may struggle to maintain interest in routine tasks, Implementers are ideally suited to this kind of work and are likely to develop a reputation for getting things done on time.

Typically, Implementers are recognized for their loyalty to the organization in which they work. In Meredith’s Belbin’s original research, Implementers were referred to as ‘Company Workers’.

Potential weaknesses

Once plans are in place, Implementers can be reluctant to entertain new suggestions, in case the disruption threatens productivity and leads to

inefficiency. As such, they may object to changes without due consideration and can be seen as rigid and inflexible.

They might be seen as unadventurous by other members of the team, who wonder why their Implementer colleagues are content to keep doing things the same way without considering the greater purpose or objective in their work. Implementers are most effective when they are able to strike a balance between accommodating important changes and maintaining productivity.

If there are too many Implementers in a team, there is a risk that the team simply continues along its track and fails to respond to stimuli which demand change and threaten the status quo.

Non-negotiable weaknesses

Whilst the Implementer’s drive for efficiency and stability is commendable, they must not be allowed to obstruct change altogether, or the team is likely to become stagnant and unable to adapt to its environment.

Team Role compatibility

Implementers may work well with a Shaper manager who will appreciate their task focus and productivity, or equally a Plant manager who will welcome their ability to translate ideas into action plans. As managers, Implementers can benefit from support from a Monitor Evaluator, who can advise on the logistics of a plan, or a Completer Finisher, who can ensure that efficiency does not come at the expense of accuracy.

How to handle


Give responsibility for organizing things, and delegate in a way that leaves no room for ambiguity. 


Use them as a sounding board for new or vague ideas, or delegate in broad, conceptual terms.

Optimum working environment

Implementers like to know what to expect from their working day. They need organization and structure, and a role that includes routine work.

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