As an L&D Professional you’ve read the case studies – “Belbin has had a transformational effect upon our business – teams are working together efficiently and are achieving their goals more quickly. And there’s less conflict because everyone understands their behavioural strengths and those of the people they work with.”

It all sounds great. But how did they get there?

Belbin starts with self awareness. Complete a Belbin Self Perception Inventory and get feedback from others on your behaviour within the workplace. The resulting Belbin Report is is the starting point to understanding your behavioural strengths and weaknesses. Once you and your team have your Reports you have an easy to use language to hand – and you can start to use your Report in a myriad of ways – for conflict management, team building, coaching conversations, management training, employee engagement and much more.

As a Learning and Development professional, your purpose is to help people be more effective in their work. We’ve been working with individuals and organisations for more than 30 years, providing personalised insight for the development of self awareness of behavioural strengths and weaknesses in the workplace. We will skill to you make the most of all these things so that you can help people become more self aware, effective within their teams and support them with their management. We teach you to make the most of the language that helps individuals and teams within the workplace. We’ll provide as much help as you need. Every day, we train people across the world in a variety of formats – one to one sessions, open workshops, on site training and in depth Accreditation. Whatever works for you, works for us.

Start with the materials below – they illustrate some of the ways Belbin is applied to real life teams and within the workplace. Call us on 01223 265975 or email to talk about your teams, how they work and where the language of Belbin can make a difference.