There is so much to be learned on the subject of teams. This is because not only is effective teamwork powerful, it is also rare. Effective team working is something that needs to be constantly reviewed by all members of the team.

Belbin Team Roles have been the language of successful teams for over 30 years. Join one of our webinars below to find out more about the theory and understand how you can apply Belbin with your team, department or organisation.

Application of Belbin Team Roles: Case Studies

Hear how organisations have used the language of Belbin Team Roles world-wide.

  • When: Wednesday 27th May 2020. 2pm BST
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Application of Belbin Team Roles: A Q&A session.

Submit your questions about how to use Belbin Team Roles beforehand, and listen to our panelists discuss and answer each one. Learn from other people's questions, and hear from those who implement Belbin Team Roles on a regular basis. You will be asked to submit your questions after you have registered.

  • When: Thursday 28th May 2020. 2pm BST
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Belbin GetSet - Belbin for Young People: An Introduction

An Introduction to Belbin GetSet - The Belbin GetSet workbook and programme helps young people and students learn about themselves and their behaviours and gives them the confidence to project themselves in a positive way. It shows them where their strengths lie and what they have to offer now and in the future, building their confidence, promoting self-understanding and wellbeing. From applying for an apprenticeship or composing a personal statement for university/college applications, to improving wellbeing and teamworking, Belbin GetSet will help.

Find out more about Belbin GetSet:

  • When: Thursday 23rd April 2020 and Thursday 28th May 2020 10.30 BST
  • Register: Contact

Belbin GetSet -The Application: How to bring Belbin Team Roles to Life

To follow on from our recent introduction to Belbin GetSet, we will be hosting a second webinar that will explore ideas for student workshops and help teachers and facilitators bring the Belbin Team Roles to life in a fun and interactive learning environment.  



To join a webinar, just click where stated and complete the form. We will use your details to send you a recording of the webinar after it has taken place, and other useful information. If you are based outside the UK we will send your details to our relevant distributor - you may opt out of all mailings at any time.


Previous webinars:

Back to Basics: An Introduction to Belbin Team Roles – the history and theory.

A look in to the seminal research carried out at Henley Management College, and how the nine Belbin Team Roles were identified.

Application of Belbin Team Roles: A page by page explanation of your Belbin Individual Report.

What questions should you be asking on each page? How can you use this information? To get the most from this webinar please have your Belbin Individual Report at hand. There will be time for a Q&A at the end of the webinar.

Back to Basics: What does a successful team need?

A successful team needs more than just a balance of Belbin Team Roles. Finding out the Belbin distribution in a team is an essential part of the bigger picture – what else is needed? What do managers of teams need to do to maximise the chance of success?

Application of Belbin Team Roles: How to manage a Remote Team.

How does each of the nine Belbin Team Roles cope with working remotely? As a manager, what should you be doing to help everyone feel a valued member of the team?




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