Creating Change Positively: Belbin and Appreciative Inquiry Workshop

A 3-day (mornings only) workshop specifically for Belbin Accredited practitioners who would like to explore how to unlock the combined power of Belbin and Appreciative Inquiry in Change Management.

Co-facilitated by Pearl D’Souza and Jo Keeler, this experiential workshop will equip participants with the ’how to’ of creating change positively at an individual and team level. Using a blended learning approach, this workshop will help to enhance your facilitation skills by experiencing how Belbin can be leveraged in change management. This will be open to all Belbin Accredited practitioners, so we will be looking to embrace and learn from a culturally diverse group of participants.

Participants will receive a copy of our Appreciative Inquiry with Belbin insights Handbook, a certificate of attendance and a logo!

  • Cost: £345 + VAT, if applicable, per participant, £295 + VAT if your place is booked before end of March.
  • Dates: 21st - 23rd April 2021
  • Times: 9.30 – 12 noon GMT

Interested? Please get in touch to find out more and book your place.


Course Content

  • With your Belbin knowledge and Individual Report to hand we will be exploring what works for each of us in terms of 'Creating Change Positively' What is the best that has already happened? And then if we dare to dream, what could the best future image look like. 
  • Keeping Belbin in the forefront of our mind, how can we use what we have discovered to create what we dream. And then how can we sustain that change.
  • Learning will take place individually, in small teams and via group work. There will be an online video module, online quizzes and the opportunity to network. There is some homework, a chance for reflection, and the opportunity to reconvene after the workshop to evaluate, share, celebrate and strengthen the journey which is such an important part of the Appreciative Inquiry process.

Workshop: Creating Change Positively: Belbin and Appreciative Inquiry

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T&Cs: Completion of the booking form indicates that you would like to book a place. You will receive an email confirmation and an invoice, and payment must be made prior to the session. Should you wish to cancel, we require more than 14 days' notice before the session commences, otherwise refunds cannot be given. If you do not attend, and haven't informed us as previously stated, payment will still be required.

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