We've attended two HR/Training Exhibitions (World of Learning and the Annual CIPD event in Manchester) and we are flabbergasted by how many people are still using an illegal version of Belbin. I wasn't going to write this article but my RI/SH couldn't be tamed. I asked Stuart Kelly to use his ME/TW strengths instead.

Copyright Matters

Have you ever completed a Belbin questionnaire but didn’t get a detailed .pdf report with your results? Have you ever added up the scores yourself? You may have seen or found a document that claims to be a Belbin test.

If so you were probably breaking Belbin’s copyright and you definitely missed out on the real Belbin. 

So what’s the difference?

Belbin questionnaires can only be completed through our purpose built computer system, which analyses the results, comparing your scores to thousands of others and taking in the feedback of your colleagues for a full 360 degree view. We produce a detailed, unique and informative report which shows your whole spectrum of strengths and weaknesses – not just “which Team Role am I?”

Please make sure you are up to date and not 30 years behind.

Check what 'Belbin' questionnaire you are using and ALWAYS check that any consultant or training company you are thinking of using has the correct version.

How to check: Visit http://www.belbin.com/about/copyright/ or contact us at team@belbin.com / 01223 264975.

Thank you for listening. Please share.


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