The Plant Elf

Plant ElfCan often be found wandering round the workshop in a daydream. Is called on by the other elves ’in case of emergency’ – i.e. when they are stumped by a particular child. Comes up with brilliant and inventive present suggestions – if only the workshop could understand exactly what it is they are supposed to be making… Also comes up with brilliant and unique but impossible present suggestions – if only the workshop... The children are always delighted - each present is unique and original and no-one has the same as them!

The Resource Investigator Elf

Resource Investigator ElfYou won’t find this elf at his desk – he’ll be visiting his contacts all over the North Pole. He can find tools, wrapping, food for the reindeer – and he’ll haggle for a good deal. Just don’t leave him to answer the children’s letters to Santa; he’ll lose interest halfway through!

The Co-ordinator Elf

Co-ordinator ElfThis confident little elf likes to oversee the workshop and make sure everyone knows what they are doing. He knows exactly who should be in charge of present ideas and who should make sure that the bows are perfectly tied. He knows how to work the team to make sure that everyone gives of their best, but is he pitching in too? Watch out that he doesn’t sit curl up with a cup of eggnog and leave others to do the work!

The Shaper Elf

Shaper ElfThis elf is in charge of the big night – Christmas Eve. He is determined to make sure all the presents are delivered on time and he won’t take “No” for an answer. If Santa gets stuck up the chimney, this elf will challenge the team to find a way to get him out. But hey, you can’t shout at Rudolph like that, he’s going as fast as he can!

The Monitor Evaluator Elf

Monitor Evaluator ElfThis elf is hardly ever wrong. He spends most of the year studying blueprints for new present ideas and if he doesn’t think it will work, he’ll tell you so. He’ll analyse the route for the big night, to make sure Santa doesn’t go from Brazil to Japan, only to charge back to Bolivia. He’s not in charge of morale, as he can dampen spirits as quickly as a blanket of melting snow.

The Teamworker Elf

Monitor Evaluator Elf

This adaptable little elf works well with everyone. He can work in toy-making, wrapping and elf relations, going wherever he perceives he might be needed most. The workshop just wouldn’t be the same without him. If a fight breaks out in logistics, don’t expect him to wade in – he doesn’t like arguments or high-pressure situations.

The Implementer Elf 

Teamworker Elf

You can rely on this little elf to turn ideas into reality. In charge of the production line, he is the most efficient of all and can churn out toys faster than any other. You can see from his wall chart that he’ll be making train sets this morning and toy soldiers this afternoon. Just don’t change the plan… he won’t appreciate you messing with the chart!

The Completer Finisher Elf

Implementer Elf

The last to check the presents before they leave the workshop, this little elf will ensure that every present is wrapped to the highest standard, with bows symmetrically-placed and each child’s name and address checked and double-checked. He hates the thought of a mistake escaping his notice, so he won’t trust anyone else to do the work on his behalf. He might spend the week before Christmas buried under a mound of presents, but try not to let him work – or worry – too much.

The Specialist Elf

Specialist ElfOften to be found in the sleigh shed, this elf can tell you the full specification of every model of sleigh Santa has ever used. He knows the instruction manuals word-for-word and he spends the year on training courses learning as much as he can. Just don’t ask him about presents – he’s too “wrapped up” in sleighs to worry about the rest of Christmas!