In order to do our best in a job, we need to be engaged: given meaningful and important work, offered responsibility and autonomy and recognised for our achievements. When we are stuck performing pointless tasks, wasting time waiting for something or dealing with problems which could have been avoided, frustration and apathy are often the results.

Human beings should not be thought of either as “resources” (reminiscent of a type of stock or inventory) or liabilities to be managed in an effort to reduce risk. We interact with all manner of working processes, using common sense where machines can follow only logic, making improvements and adding a human touch. However, there is also a downside to the “human factor”. Miscommunications can slow things down. Conflict can throw things off track. In short, human error can be costly. Even highly efficient people can hinder progress, if their productivity is compensating for a bureaucratic, time-consuming process – how much more might that person achieve if the process were reviewed and improved, rather than followed repeatedly?

This is our report on how you can align Belbin with Lean Six Sigma to produce not just balanced teams, but productive and efficient teams.

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