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Belbin is a practical and easy-to-use tool that can be applied to training and business outcomes. We offer two levels of training to suit your needs.

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Belbin Exercise: Contribute

Takes the Belbin theory and puts it in to action! Comes with nine FREE Belbin reports worth £315, and costs just £495.

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Belbin and Novo Nordisk

The Belbin reports have allowed Novo to use the “human” angle in discovering and resolving business problems. Its practicality fosters such 'seamlessness' between the Novo leadership program and line business.

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What's Belbin All About?

People are more engaged and productive when they play to their key strengths. Belbin empowers individuals to fulfil their potential at work; and helps organisations to bring together the right people to form high performing teams. 

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A Belbin Individual Report identifies which combination of the nine Belbin Team Roles someone prefers.

They're quick and easy to generate and cost just £42 (volume discounts available).

Complete an online questionnaire, and within minutes you'll receive an email with your Belbin Individual Report.

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Catch up on the latest from the Belbin blog.

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01 Dec 2016

The Belbin Christmas Elves

It's that time of year again so we thought "Why not take a look at the Belbin Team Roles of Santa's Elves?".

15 Nov 2016

Fair’s fair – Copyright Matters

Yes, we've attended another HR/Training Exhibition and we're still flabbergasted by how many people are still using an illegal version of Belbin.

07 Nov 2016

There’s much more to Belbin than team building

For my part, one of my missions - in fact almost an obsession - is to use Belbin to get managers managing people more effectively and it is with this in mind that I would like to share the following:

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