Full details about the Belbin copyright relating to the use of the original paper-based version of the Self Perception Inventory

Getting it right


We frequently receive enquiries requesting information on the copyright of Belbin materials. In particular, the use of the self-scoring paper Self-Perception Inventory (SPI) originally published in Meredith Belbin’s book, Management Teams:  Why They Succeed or Fail (1981). To clarify our position, we own the copyright and do not allow this questionnaire to be reproduced in any form. Individuals may purchase the book (1st and 2nd editions) and complete the SPI for their own personal development, but any copying or wider usage is an infringement of copyright. The 3rd edition of Management Teams:  Why They Succeed or Fail offers the reader one free online Belbin Individual Report.

What's wrong with self-scoring?

We do not allow the use of the self-scoring questionnaire. Apart from its reproduction being a breach of our copyright, it is:

  • Obsolete (no Specialist role)
  • Lacking the balance of observer input
  • Not properly normed
  • Does not offer any Team Role advice.

Therefore, please ensure that if your company is using Belbin Team Role Reports, it uses one of the three permitted methods listed below:

If you are unsure about the testing your organisation is using, or would like further advice, please contact the Belbin office.

We will, and do, take legal action against companies and individuals using unauthorised versions.



Individual Reports

Identifies which of the nine Team Roles an individual exhibits, based on their own self-perceptions and the opinions of their co-workers too.

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Team Reports

Shows how a group of individuals will work together as a team, highlighting their strengths and weaknesses and identifying any gaps in the team.


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Working Relationships Reports

Looks at the relationship between two individuals who are currently working together, or might be working together in the future.  Ideal when recruiting or when people are working together for the first time

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Job Reports

Defines a job in terms of Belbin Team Roles.  Once defined, the job can be matched to an Individual being considered for that job.  Perfect when recruiting or for assessment centres

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