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Take the guesswork out of teamwork

Belbin helps you develop your people, attract and retain talent, and turbo-charge your team's performance.

Our gold-standard, research-based tool provides a clear understanding of the strengths and weaknesses present in a team.

We give managers the intelligence and practical language they need to build balanced and high-performing teams, manage working relationships, and achieve business objectives.  

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Belbin starts with the team

Understanding the team's strengths and weaknesses is the vehicle to realise sustainable improvements and boost team performance.

Belbin provides a holistic, data-driven view of the team, by collecting feedback from everyone. Our approach gets you to the root causes of conflict and miscommunication and provides a practical language to address them.

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We speak your team's language

Belbin reports provide personalised behavioural insights and guidance based on our world-renowned Team Role methodology.

With Belbin, each team member collects feedback from others in the team. Including others' perceptions offers greater opportunities for improving self-awareness – and to recognise the collective strengths present in the team. Learn how to cultivate latent talents, collaborate more effectively and manage working relationships.

Become a Belbin Accredited Practitioner for additional confidence in applying the Belbin theory, and delivering report feedback and team workshops.

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Meredith Belbin Partner Belbin

The gold-standard team tool

Belbin Team Role methodology was born from the original big-data research into what makes some teams more successful than others.

Our founder, Dr Meredith Belbin and his co-researchers, discovered nine 'Team Roles', each one being a distinct and predictable cluster of behaviours needed to facilitate team progress.

High-performing teams require a balance of all nine Team Roles. Belbin reports provide managers and individuals with the data and knowledge they need to build and manage effective teams.    

"I think we've always been striving to find a way of helping people to work together. When people work in effective combinations they achieve so much more than when they're working alone. But to do that, we need a language, and it needs to be a language which is shared and enables people to communicate with one another." – Dr Belbin

Benefits of Belbin for teams

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Case Study

How Oppo Brothers improved staff engagement with Belbin

Better staff engagement, harmony and business results

Oppo Brothers is a UK-based SME in a highly-competitive industry sector. They have successfully grown from a start-up to their healthy ice cream brand now being stocked in some 6,000 stores across 13 countries within just 12 years.

They have used Belbin for a number of years to build their team, aid understanding of which Team Roles to bring in and when, and how to manage them. They have also seen a measurable improvement in staff engagement. 

Read the Case Study here

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Becoming Belbin accredited will give you a solid grounding in Belbin theory, and confidence in delivering report feedback and team workshops. Help your teams reach their potential.

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