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The University of East London used Belbin reports with students on the Project Consultancy Program, an integral part of the MSc. International Business Management (IBM).

The importance of teamwork in the Project Consultancy Program underscored the need for a tool that can systematically identify and leverage individual strengths within a team. In the dynamic environment of Project Consultancy, where adaptability and collaboration are paramount, a knowledge and understanding of Belbin Team Roles was shown to be a valuable asset in optimising team performance and achieving project success.

“The implementation of Belbin Team Roles within the Project Consultancy program demonstrated tangible positive impacts on both team dynamics and individual development."

Teamwork plays a pivotal role in the program

The Project Consultancy program provides students with real-world, hands-on placement experience in the field of International Business Management. It is designed to foster practical skills and strategic thinking for success in the global arena as a team.

Successful teamwork is not only essential for project completion but also mirrors the collaborative dynamics often encountered in professional settings. The ability to work cohesively in a team is a key competency that students are expected to develop during their Project Consultancy experience.

Belbin Team Roles used to optimise team performance

Belbin Team Roles was identified as being particularly relevant in this context. By offering a structured framework for understanding team dynamics, Belbin reports enable project managers and students to strategically allocate roles, capitalise on diverse strengths, and address potential gaps in skills or communication.

Using Belbin reports students were able to enhance their
individual self-awareness, to understand their strengths,
weaknesses and preferred Team Roles.This enabled students to understand the potential contributions they could bring within a team setting.

Noteable outcomes from using Belbin with students:


  • Emergence of natural leaders
  • Improved communication
  • Greater adaptability & flexibility
  • Increased team cohesion
  • Streamlined workflow
  • Better conflict resolution
  • Enhanced self-awareness
  • Knowledge to inform personal development planning

"This experience has not only been educational but also transformative, as students are now equipped with a heightened understanding of their role preferences, strengths, and areas for development in a team context.

As an educator, witnessing such a tangible and constructive learning experience is truly rewarding."

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University of East London uses Belbin with students on international management program

Access and download the full case study document here.

Belbin Case Study - University of East London


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