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Brand You with Belbin

We all know what we think makes a great leader, manager, team member. We know when we meet them and the impact they have.

What do they have in common?

Very often it is a clear sense of self. Memorable leaders take time to reflect and ask for, and listen to, feedback from others.

Using your own Belbin Individual report (to get the most from this webinar, please have your own report to hand), we will look at how you can use the language of Belbin to help you explore your behavioural strengths and weaknesses, learn from others, and start the journey of ‘Brand You’.

You will need your own Belbin Individual report to get the most from this webinar.

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See you soon!

Who should attend?

  • Anyone who is interested in increasing their self-awareness and how to project their own personal brand.
  • Ideally all attendees should have a copy of their Belbin Individual report to hand.

When and where

These webinars are live and free to attend.

You will be sent a recording if you register, so you can refer back as and when required.

When: Tuesday, 16th April at 14:00 hours BST

Where: Via our live stream webinar platform – you will need to register to secure your place.