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What is practised is not forgotten...

Perhaps there has been a break between your becoming Belbin Accredited and applying your new knowledge – where do you start?

Or maybe you are becoming more experienced in using the Belbin reports and would like to hear about different approaches?

Ongoing learning, tailored to you

We have reinvigorated the Belbin Accredited-only monthly meet-up so we can share what's new, discuss what's current, and learn from one another.

It's an ideal space for those of you who want to continue reaffirming and expanding your theoretical and practical knowledge.

Become part of the Belbin Accredited practitioner community. Learn and share with like-minded people in a safe and supported space.


The format

  • We will start each session with an overriding theme, and then hand over to you. If you would like to suggest a theme, do please let us know.
  • Each session will be one hour in duration and via Zoom. You will need to register your place in advance.
  • You can join in as many or as few as needed!
  • Each meet-up will last up to one hour.

Feedback from the first session: We will use 20 minutes of each session, where possible, for you to share your experiences.


Online monthly meet-ups 2024: dates, times and topics

  • 21st June, 10am: Suitability vs. Eligibility – using the Job reports
  • 23rd July, 10am: Belbin Team International Conference takeaways
  • 21st August, 4pm: Difficult working relationships – how to approach
  • 26th September, 10am: Using the Team reports to talk Team Culture
  • 21st October, 4pm: Data – how to use your Belbin Interplace account
  • 22nd November, 10am: Team Leadership – how the Belbin reports can help
  • 18th December, 4pm: 2024 - a review

You can register for one, some or all sessions here.

Topics may be subject to change.

All times are UK (London).