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The need for Sales Teams

An increase in customer demands, along with an increasingly complex environment, is fuelling the need for selling organisations to look further than the typical transactional sales model. Successful organisations are moving away from a focus on the single individual to a focus on team-based selling.

Sales Teams are used to develop strategic, longer-term relationships with customers, particularly in contexts where the sales process is multi-faceted, with numerous touch points and a variety of individuals involved.

Sales Teams can operate in fast-paced and often unpredictable environments, building strategic relationships with customers and deliver outcomes which can make or break the bottom line.

Whilst the possibilities for team success are greater, this move comes with its own set of challenges, and no organisation can afford to be left behind. Despite the increased use of Sales Teams, our understanding of team effectiveness in Sales Teams is still very limited.

Combining the experts in teams with the expert in sales

To increase our understanding and application of a Sales Teams model, Belbin have collaborated with Javier Marcos, a fellow of Cambridge Judge Business School and Cranfield School of Management, to bring you the combined insights from Dr Marcos’ extensive work in sales performance, and Belbin’s wealth of expertise in building effective teams. 

Sales Team Programme

Together we have developed an exclusive one-day programme aimed at Sales Directors and Managers and their teams to help them understand and implement effective team selling.

The approach of the programme is highly practical, interactive and engaging. Under the guidance of the facilitator you will  reflect on, further discuss, and derive solutions to sales and team-related problems. Throughout the programme delegates will work on the analysis of their profiles, cases, and short simulations.

Key Benefits of the programme:

  • Tools to plan sales processes more effectively
  • Practical skills to enhance behavioural change in sales people towards more meaningful collaboration
  • Insights to develop approaches to work more effectively with others; both internally and externally with purchasing teams
  • Guidance on how to implement team-based selling approaches
  • Analysis of Belbin Team Roles profiles, cases, and short simulations

The three key elements of the Belbin Sales Team Programme focus on:

  • Increasing Sales Effectiveness by identifying how individuals can contribute to advanced selling processes
  • Improving Customer Relationships through developing enhanced interactions and adaptive selling, particularly with professional buying teams
  • Adding (more) value by fostering diversity in customer management teams through increased collaboration and co-creation


If you would like your team to benefit from the Belbin Sales Team Programme, please contact us on [email protected] or phone 01223 264975.