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Building high-performing teams should be amongst the key priorities of every business.

An organisation is only as successful as its teams. In a complex, uncertain and fast-moving world, teams are the building blocks of organisation health – the key link between individual talent and business outcomes.

"It is not the individual but the team that is the instrument of sustained and enduring success."

Antony Jay, foreword to 'Management Teams, Why they Succeed or Fail' by Meredith Belbin

A large body of research has demonstrated the need for teams within organisations.

A survey by EY discovered that almost 9 out of 10 companies "agree that the problems confronting them are now so complex that teams are essential to provide effective solutions". In addition, "an overwhelming majority of respondents think that their organisation’s ability to develop and manage teams will be essential for their future competitiveness".

In teams, people work concurrently, saving time and resources.

Responsibilities are shared and individual team members are accountable to one another. Resources can be pooled, allowing teams to collate, organise, cross-reference and analyse information more effectively than individuals can.

Teams have the benefit of greater innovation too, because diverse individuals are able to share and develop ideas together. With knowledge shared in teams, organisations can learn – and document and retain that knowledge – more effectively.

At Belbin, we talk with and help teams, day in day out. It's what we do. As an EOT, we are a team company owned by a team.

We'd love to find out more about your teams and how we can help you build teams for the future. Why not get in touch for a 15 minute conversation to see how we can help?

A few words from our clients

'Our business is in a high growth phase'

"Belbin was a great exercise to run with my new team. I felt like the Belbin trainer was part of my team throughout the process; very knowledgeable, flexible and a skilled coach. We gained valuable insights that have shaped team discussions, and personal development plans. Our business is in a high growth phase; understanding our strengths and weaknesses as a team has influenced hiring plans, and team structure. The team enjoyed the training and are actively using their Belbin reports in coaching discussions. I have used Belbin with several teams over the years, and it continues to be a valuable and accurate tool."

Debbie Mulloy | VP, Commercial | Fable Data

'We're a small team'

"We are a small team, we haven’t got an awful lot of resource, so we've got to make sure we maximise our strength wherever possible.  So far, we have done it through gut feel... Now we’ve got a bit of insight, we can really maximise the opportunities, and which jobs and which tasks people are going to enjoy most."

Charlie and Harry Thuillier | Founders | Oppo Brothers


'Belbin provides huge competitive advantage'

"We see Belbin as providing a huge competitive advantage in forming project teams. We know that we need people with specific Team Roles to make projects happen – so why wouldn’t we want to know who those people are and make use of them?"

Anthony O'Hara | FUJIFILM Diosynth Biotechnologies (FDB)

Our research: how Belbin helps SMEs to grow

Research shows that innovative start‐ups drive economic growth and are responsible for the majority of job creation in the UK within the last five years, but little is understood about employees of start‐ups and how they contribute to the outcome of the venture.

In 2015, Belbin had the opportunity to partner with a number of SMEs as part of the UK Government’s Growth Accelerator scheme.

A group of companies were selected by Growth Accelerator to receive EU and government funding for small, growing businesses, in order to thrive and generate jobs. To be eligible for funding, businesses had to be registered in the UK (and based in England), have fewer than 250 employees and a turnover of less than £40m.

The UK Government exclusively targeted high‐growth businesses who sought to enter their next growth phase and demonstrated the potential and determination to achieve their goals.

Belbin worked with the executive and leadership teams of 34 such companies between August 2014 and July 2015. The group forms an ideal cohort to examine the nature of successful, growing SMEs, and the results offer interesting insights into the Team Role composition of successful entrepreneurs and executives.

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