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It's time for an upgrade!

Your current version of the Belbin platform was launched in 2012.

We've been busy refining the Belbin reports and the Interplace platform since then - keeping the reports and the technology up to date and future ready! Our work has culminated in the latest Belbin platform - Interplace 8.

We’d love you to start using, and benefiting from, the changes we have made – here’s why:


  • The platform has been designed with the latest GDPR requirements in mind, offering a more robust and user-friendly experience.
  • The platform has been developed according to the latest security protocols.
  • It is mobile friendly – both the platform and for the completion of the inventories.
  • Updated norm database. We use an international dataset based on over 190,000 SPIs and 630,000 Observer Assessments.
  • The reports are scripted without reference to gender and we no longer ask for this information.
  • Video help screens to aid the completion of the Belbin SPI and OA.
  • Updated suite of Reports
  • The Belbin reports have been refreshed and are now more useful, practical and understandable. They are in a landscape format which makes them easier to read on screen.
  • We have added a feature which allows you to ‘play’ with the Team report before generating – allowing you to see how adding and removing team members impacts on the Team Role distribution of the team.
  • The algorithms have been updated, and new information and advice added.
  • We have switched to a credit-based payment system which gives more scope for the future. You can transfer units from your current to the new platform. The costs are staying the same until January 2023.
  • You can access all your resources from your account – only one login required
  • All nine Belbin cameos are available to all
  • No longer reliant on emails getting through firewalls/going into junk/spam folders. Once an Individual has created an account, they will receive notifications directly to their account.
  • You can run both platforms concurrently. We will not be ‘switching off’ Interplace 7 for at least 2 years.

Bear in mind

  • You cannot transfer data from your current platform (changes to the norm database)
  • Currently reports are only available in English. As and when languages come online, they will be made available to you


The Belbin reports continue to provide individuals with insight and advice on how to make the best possible contribution to a team. The platform helps you as the administrator to access the reports quickly and easily, and with peace of mind.


Contact us to find out how you can start benefiting from Interplace 8! Complete the form below and we'll be in touch.