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Conflict – how Belbin can help

by Belbin, 14 Mar 2016

Conflict usually arises from misunderstanding or lack of communication. How can Belbin help?


Happy Mother's Day

by Belbin, 04 Mar 2016

For Mums on Mother’s Day: The school gates are always a great place to ‘people-watch’. This is our (tongue-in-cheek) Team Role guide to Mums.


Will you be my Valentine?

by Belbin, 09 Feb 2016

With Valentine's day just around the corner, here is our Team Role take on the classic: "Roses are red violets are blue...


Why use Belbin?

by Belbin, 23 Apr 2015

If you have studied for a HR or business qualification, it is likely you have heard of Belbin. You could probably list at least 6 of the 9 roles, and know that for a team to be successful you need all