The Belbin Individual report analyses someone's contributions in terms of the nine Belbin Team Roles. It offers advice and guidance on how they might work best, announce their preferences to others and cultivate latent talents.

Identifying our behavioural styles is the first step towards increasing self-understanding and building more effective working practices. Each individual needs to understand their key strengths and how to articulate how they prefer to work. This increases employee engagement, allows managers to allocate work more effectively and builds mutually beneficial working relationships with colleagues.

What will a Belbin Individual report offer?

A Full Belbin Individual report offers in-depth, personalised advice and guidance, designed to help individuals:

  • Identify and promote their behavioural strengths, increasing engagement and allowing the individual to work to their full potential
  • Acknowledge and develop strategies to minimise any weaknesses associated with their Belbin Team Role behaviours
  • Gain an understanding of how others interpret their behaviour, analysing any differences in perception and exploring potential reasons for these differences
  • Consider how they might best present themselves at interview or in selection processes
  • Reflect on their optimal working environment
  • Articulate their preferred working styles, so that managers and colleagues can delegate and collaborate more effectively






Belbin Individual Report No Observers

Download Sample Belbin Individual report (without Observer Assessments)

This is generated once an individual has completed their on line questionnaire and contains a Belbin profile, guidance and advice based on how the individual sees him or herself.




Belbin Individual Report With Observers

Download Sample Belbin Full Individual report (with Observer Assessments)

Once an individual has received Observer Assessments back from at least 4 Observers, their report is upgraded to a Full Individual report that shows how others view them compared to how they view themselves.


What do I need to do?

To receive a Belbin Individual report, individuals must first complete the Belbin Self-Perception Inventory (SPI). This is an online questionnaire which takes 15-20 minutes to complete.

We encourage individuals to request Observer Assessments too, to ensure a well-rounded picture of their Belbin Team Role contribution, which takes others’ views into account. Observer Assessments are included free of charge with purchase of the Belbin Individual Report. Once at least 4 Observer Assessments have been added, a Full Belbin Individual report is produced, comparing an individual’s perception of their own behaviour with the views of others in the team.

How can I get a Belbin Individual report for myself?

A Belbin Individual report will identify which combination of the nine Belbin Team Roles you exhibit. It costs just £46.80 including VAT.

The process is simple:

  • Fill in an online questionnaire (it takes around 20 minutes to complete).
  • Within minutes, you’ll receive your Belbin Individual report. This shows your combination of Team Role preferences, based on your own view, and is full of personalised guidance and advice.
  • To gain a fuller picture of how you contribute and interact with others, you can ask six other people to share their observations of you via a quick five-minute questionnaire. (We call these Observer Assessments, and they’re free when you purchase your Belbin Individual report.)
  • Once you have received at least four Observer Assessments, your report will be upgraded free of charge to a full Individual report, which will compare and contrast your own views with how others see you.

How can I get Belbin Individual reports for my team?

Each Belbin Individual report costs just £46.80 including VAT and can be purchased directly with a credit card. Alternatively, fill in the form below and we'll get in touch. Likewise, if you are looking to 'Belbin' more than 50 people, please use the form below and we will find the most most cost-effective solution for you.

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