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Looks good on paper?

Sometimes, potential new recruits can look good "on paper" – they possess all the qualifications and experience required – but turn out to be unsuccessful in the role, for less tangible reasons.

This typical recruitment scenario can occur because we focus on eligibility (hard skills and everything else that can be recorded on a CV) but neglect to consider suitability – the individual's behavioural styles, and how these stack up against the characteristics required in the role.

Similarly, an incumbent in a role might not be performing as expected, because there is a fundamental mismatch between their Belbin styles and the line manager's expectations for the role.

The Belbin Job Comparison report compares the behavioural attributes required for a job, with those of the person looking to fill it.

Put simply, it helps you determine someone's suitability for a role, in behavioural terms.

How can I get a Belbin Job Comparison report?

The Job Comparison report compares an individual’s Team Roles with those of the job, so we need two sets of Belbin data:

  • The Belbin Job Report: Data about the job (from the line manager or person responsible completing a Job Requirements Inventory and Job Observer Assessments)
  • The Belbin Individual report: Data about the individual (from the candidate or incumbent completing a Self-Perception Inventory, plus Observer Assessments where possible)

Once you have both sets of data a Belbin Job Comparison report can be generated.

Each Belbin Job Comparison report costs £23.40 including VAT.

More detail

The Belbin Job Requirements Inventory asks managers to describe jobs in terms of the behavioural demands they make and produce the Belbin Job report.

The Belbin Job Comparison report works by comparing the Team Role data about the job with that from the Belbin Individual report, to analyse how well a particular individual's Team Role preferences might fit with the demands of the job.

If Observer Assessments have been completed for both individual and job, the match in behavioural attributes can be studied in a little more depth.

What can I use the Job Comparison report for?

  • Generating an 'at-a-glance' view of the match between an individual's Team Roles and those required for a particular job – ideal for selection and recruitment
  • Exploring in-depth the presence (or absence) of particular behavioural qualities which might be useful (or unhelpful) in the job
  • Prompting discussion as to how different candidates might fulfil the role in question
  • Initiating discussion with a present incumbent as to how their Team Role styles might influence performance and engagement in their role

Please note: the Belbin Job Comparison Report is a tool to prompt fruitful thinking and discussion. It should never be used as the sole basis for decision-making.

What does a Belbin Job Comparison report look like?

The Belbin Job Comparison report is a one-page report per comparison. Each comparison costs £23.40 including VAT.

  • You can download a sample report here

This means that if you are comparing five people to the job, the cost would be 5 x £23.40 including VAT.

Although a drop in the ocean when it comes to recruitment costs, please do get in touch so that we can find a long term cost-effective solution for you.

Join the thousands of organisations around the globe already benefiting from the Belbin reports and methodology. 

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