Belbin has been used in higher education for over 30 years.


Lecturers, Student Development Managers and Career and Employability advisors use Belbin to increase student self awareness, support academic performance and increase students’ global employability.


We've asked for some feedback on how Belbin was used, and the benefits to both the students, and the universities, please take a look. The video from Esade (below) explores how they use Belbin as part of their MSc Welcome Week:




"Enhancing academic interactions with Belbin"


This was a collaboration between: the University of Applied Sciences & Arts Western Switzerland and SCMHRD (Symbiosis Centre for Management and Human Resource Development) Pune, India. We hear how two academics, from two different universities, in two different countries, met and put together a joint teaching and research project: offering students a unique opportunity to engage in global, international, and intercultural learning despite the COVID- 19 pandemic: 12 teams learning how to succeed in leading multicultural project teams.





"In conversation with... Rhona Gibson"


Rhona ia a Senior Careers Adviser at University of Aberdeen, ILM Level 3 Coach, and Accredited Belbin Practitioner. We discuss the impact Belbin has had on the University of Aberdeen Leadership Academy and how Rhona has helped the students turn theory into action. This is a varied conversation which includes the changes in student 'learning gain', how they implemented learning with students from different faculties, and the benefit students have gained from the process of self-reflection.