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Founding partners, Meredith and Nigel Belbin, are pleased to announce that, as of 1st October 2022, Belbin Associates has transitioned to become Belbin Ltd, an Employee Ownership Trust, for the benefit of current and future employees.

Since the company was established in 1987, Cambridge-based Belbin has grown from its strong foundations in industrial research, and the Team Role methodology has come to be known as the gold standard for identifying useful behaviours in the workplace.

Under the careful stewardship of Nigel Belbin, the Belbin message has spread across the globe. Belbin now operates in over 100 countries, has been translated into 25 languages and has more than 35 distributors worldwide. We reach hundreds of thousands of customers each year, in the form of the Belbin reports, accreditation, workshops and training exercises.

We are pleased to take the opportunity to renew our commitment to customers and to restate our mission: to help teams and organisations worldwide to recognise – and capitalise upon – their strengths, and to work more effectively together.


Meredith Belbin Partner Belbin

Meredith Belbin


Jo Keeler Managing Partner Belbin
Jill Cooper Training Manager Belbin
Nigel Belbin Partner Belbin
Deborah McGovern Head of Training and Consultancy Belbin

Shane Tharby


Victoria Brown Head of Research and Development Belbin
Lisa Ward Client Relationship Manager and Facilitator Belbin
Stuart Kelly IT Belbin
Nicola Harrington Office Administrator Belbin
Leena Shalloe Consultant / Facilitator Belbin
Tom Robson Consultant / Facilitator Belbin
Geraint Wyn Story Consultant / Facilitator Belbin

Chris Jackson

Accredited Team Coaching Lead

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