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Whether you are new to Belbin or looking to refresh your knowledge, come and join one of our webinars.

We cover a myriad of topics - from Belbin theory to managing conflict. 

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Previous webinar recordings on YouTube

You can find previous webinar recordings on the Belbin YouTube channel. 

Here are a selection of our more popular recordings:

Webinar: Belbin Team Roles: Theory and Application

Belbin is taught and used by organisations worldwide. Why?

It is a practical tool for self-development and building high-performing teams. It is based on a decade of research, studying teams to understand why the succeed or fail. And we've been refining and updating it ever since.


Webinar: Managing Difficult Relationships at Work

Managing difficult working relationships is key to ensuring team success.

Belbin Team Roles can help by providing a common language and framework for understanding individual behaviour and strengths. By identifying individuals' preferred ways of working, Belbin Team Roles can help to reduce misunderstandings and conflicts between team members.


Webinar: Self-Sabotaging Teams

When teams are under pressure, pack mentality prevails. When collective anxiety becomes intolerable, teams try to counter it with dysfunctional coping mechanisms.

These strategies might offer short-term relief, but they ultimately sabotage group dynamics and performance.

So what happens when this damaging behaviour flies under the radar? How do we identify and address self-sabotage in our teams?

Webinar: Brand you (with Belbin)

We all know what we think makes a great leader, manager, team member. We know when we meet them and the impact they have.

What do they have in common? Using your own Belbin Individual report,we will look at how you can use the language of Belbin to help you start the journey of ‘Brand You’.

Webinar: Belbin reports - the intelligence your team needs

Once you have agreed the team objective, and you all know what it is you need to achieve, the next step is to allocate the right work to the right people.

We know that a successful team needs access to all nine Belbin Team Roles, but which of these behaviours does each team member have as a strength? Where can you best use them? Where are their weaknesses? What other talents might they be able to develop for the good of the team?


Webinar: Using Belbin to form high performing teams

Teams are the critical link between strategy and success.

However, team work is difficult.

During this webinar we will start with the question 'what does a team need?' and look at how using Belbin - the gold standard team tool - can help increase the performance of teams.

Webinar: Belbin remote and hybrid working survey – the results

We’ve been studying virtual and hybrid teams since COVID. We already know that Team Role strengths can impact our attitude and approach to hybrid work.

Join us to discover how productivity and engagement have fared as our relationship to our working practices evolve.

And we’ll present our findings on the broader implications for teams, including onboarding and organisational culture.

Webinar: Finding Your Authentic Team Leadership Style with Belbin

  • How you can use your Belbin Individual report to increase your team leadership effectiveness. You don’t have to follow someone else’s style of being an effective leader – you can create your own!
  • A strategic approach to managing yourself, your team, and your sphere of influence.
  • A three-part model for leaders: developing your coherence, versatility, and ability to learn.

The webinar also explored along the way: "What makes a good leader?", and "What are your leadership superpowers?".


Webinar: The 5-Step Path to Fostering a Growth Mindset

We know that adopting a growth mindset reaps considerable rewards.

  • How does shifting the focus from 'individual' to 'team' foster a growth mindset?
  • How do we create an environment that enables people to own their mistakes and 'fail better'?
  • How do we combine a strengths-based approach with encouraging people to move outside their comfort zones?


Webinar: 5 ways to reconnect relationships within teams

Identifying a broken team is one thing. Evaluating the individual fractures is where businesses begin to struggle. Where are they going wrong?

Join us to learn 5 ways to get your team talking, appreciating differences and realise that their colleagues are there to help, not hinder.

Webinar: Surprising Factors That Can Make Or Break Your Team

Teams are ever-changing and adapting to the evolutions of the workplace, so it can be overwhelming when deciding how to approach their management.

So, in this webinar, we go back to basics.