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An organisation is only as successful as its teams

In a complex, uncertain and fast-moving world, teams are the building blocks of organisation health – the key link between individual talent and business outcomes.

Building high-performing teams should be amongst the key priorities of every business.

“It is not the individual but the team that is the instrument of sustained and enduring success.”

Antony Jay, foreword to 'Management Teams, Why they Succeed or Fail' by Meredith Belbin

Successful teams need a team tool

9 out of 10 companies "agree that the problems confronting them are now so complex that teams are essential to provide effective solutions". - EY

Belbin gives everyone a common language to understand how they can best contribute to the team's success. Our reports capture feedback from everyone in the team, so you get the real picture and findings are more applicable than the outset.

This helps you teams take ownership of the results - and the solution, leading to greater engagement, more defined purpose and higher performance.

Managers can allocate work to the right people, establish effective working relationships and harness the team's collective strengths.

This leads to cohesive and responsive organisations with the power to thrive in a competitive environment.

Belbin: "completely life-changing for our teams"

"I do a lot of team coaching and at the moment quite a few teams have been asking me to come in and help them to become higher performers. And I found bringing in Belbin has been a fantastic way to look at the teams. To look at how they are conflicting with each other, looking at how they are complementing each other... People have actually said this has been completely life-changing for our teams."  

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Let's explore how Belbin can help transform your teams.

Better staff engagement, harmony and business results

"We chose Belbin as it examines actual behaviour traits rather than your base personality.  It seems more accurate as it takes into account other people’s view of you rather than assuming that everyone is going to be self-aware enough to generate accurate assessments of themselves. We also liked the idea of team exercises to learn about each other, and there’s nothing else out there that can do what Belbin does."

Harry Thuillier, Director and Co-founder of Oppo Brothers

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Belbin: the intelligence your team needs

We make the complex simple and practical. Belbin is accessible to everyone. Our sophisticated online platform produces reports offering clear, personalised advice and guidance that you can put into practice straightaway. Looking for more guidance? Our experienced facilitators can run a team session for you.

Belbin reports

You'll need an Individual report for each member of your team. You can then collate the data in a Team report to understand the team's collective strengths and culture, and to spot any gaps or overlaps in behavioural contributions.

Belbin Reports


Our expert facilitators can work with you to build a bespoke workshop, specifically designed to address the particular challenges your team is facing.

Bespoke Workshops

Case Study

GroupM used Belbin to win new business by unlocking the team’s behavioural diversity and improving collaboration.

“The Belbin profiling and coaching sessions helped us unlock our individual strengths and discover how we complemented each other as a team. As a result we not only won our new business pitch, but also an award for team values”. CEO

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Useful reading for you and your teams


Belbin and Team Social Contracts

A social contract details how team members will behave with one another, enabling everyone to work together more effectively. They offer clarity and improve communication within teams. and set out the ways that team members will behave and interact.

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Eight Reasons Why Behaviour is Important

Belbin measures behaviour, not personality: what we do, not who we are. Find out why behaviour is key to sustainable improvements in team dynamics.

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Using Belbin to build psychological safety in teams

Psychological safety. Put simply, it’s the idea that, in order to succeed, people in teams need to feel safe to take risks and make mistakes without fear of recrimination.

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