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Here at Belbin, we're all about talking to a human and not even a little bit about 'Dial 1 for sales'.

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3 - 4 Bennell Court | West Street | Comberton | Cambridge | UK | CB23 7EN

Meredith Belbin

Father of Team Roles

Meredith spends his time reading and writing, and enjoys his award-winning garden.

Nigel Belbin

Managing Partner

Nigel founded the company with his father, Meredith, back in 1987. He plays an active role ensuring our strategic operations are in keeping with the roots of the brand.

Jo Keeler

Managing Partner

As Managing Partner, Jo divides her time between the office (keeping the team on their toes) and delivering talks - spreading the language of Belbin to as many people and organisations as possible! 

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Deborah McGovern

Head of Training and Consultancy

Deborah is our Head of Training & Consultancy. Using Belbin for change, conflict management, high-performance, the realisation of potential – with organisations and individuals – is what drives her.

Peter Lancaster

Manager of Global Representatives

Whether managing our representatives all over the world or assisting customers on their Belbin journey, Peter has a real passion for helping people to get the most out of Belbin.

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Jill Cooper

Office Manager

As well as managing all Belbin training, Jill can often be found getting stuck into customer queries and phone calls, as she loves creating strong relationships with our customers. With an eye for fine detail, Jill is also our 'go-to' proof reader.

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Lisa Ward

Client Relationship Manager

As client relationship manager, Lisa ensures our customers are using the right Belbin products to suit their needs. Lisa particularly enjoys meeting clients and helping them discover what Belbin can do for them.

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Nicola Harrington

Office Administrator

Nicola is most at home when she’s organising events and ensuring they run smoothly. As well as assisting Jill with training administration, she also enjoys speaking to our customers and helping with accounts enquiries.

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Victoria Brown

Head of Research & Development

Victoria manages our development team here at Belbin, overseeing product development and technical strategy. She loves to research and write, and can be found penning anything from articles to white papers.

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Stuart Kelly

Software Developer

Stuart is responsible for keeping the Belbin report engine running and is always on hand to help his less technically-able colleagues! He is a typical Monitor Evaluator who enjoys the strategic - as well as the operational - side of development.

Stephen Dagg

Software Developer

Stephen is the newest member of the team and enjoys developing websites, apps and the Belbin online application. He uses his strengths as a Completer Finisher to ensure the highest standards of accuracy and quality.

Leena Shalloe


Leena is truly passionate about helping people to unlock and live up to their potential. As one of our trainers, she is able to do this with a wide range of people and organisations - there's always laughter emanating from the training room when Leena is around.

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Tom Robson


Tom is a seasoned Belbin trainer and conference speaker. With specific interest and experience in strategy, he enjoys facilitating workshops with both large and small organisations.


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Geraint Wyn Story


With a PhD from Meredith's alma mater, the University of Cambridge, Geraint (Gez) has expertise in professional development, and works closely with university postgraduates in developing workplace skills. Gez loves learning more about how clients use Belbin and helping them discover new applications for Team Roles.

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Barrie Watson


Barrie has worked as a consultant for Belbin for over 25 years using his vast experience of using Belbin to help managers and organisations maximise the contribution of each person.

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