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Team coaching has long been at the heart of what we do.

For decades, Belbin has recognised and promoted real teamwork as the crucial link between strategy and business outcomes. 

Belbin is proud to launch the Belbin Accredited Team Coaching Programme which has been developed to help others understand how to curate team growth, learning and better business performance.

A unique programme for team coaching

Belbin has worked with a group of Belbin accredited practitioners who are also expert team coaches to develop an exclusive and unique programme using Belbin Team Roles as a basis for understanding team strengths.

A nine month learning programme combines elements of tacit learning through exploring relevant current theory, alongside individual action and practice. Delivery is through a combination of face-to-face residential elements and regular group and individual sessions online.

Delegates will be enabled to develop their own perspective, understanding and approach for when and how they would operate as a Team Coach. Upon successfully passing the final assessment, they will become 'Belbin Accredited Team Coaches'.


Further details can be found on the 'Belbin Accredited Team Coaching Programme' page.