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Belbin proud to secure AC accreditation for new Team Coaching programme

Cambridge-based Belbin Ltd, provider of the globally trusted gold-standard tool for developing high performing teams, is proud to have secured full Accreditation from the Association for Coaching (AC) for the new ‘Belbin Accredited Team Coaching Programme’.

Belbin enables strengths-based working to deliver more effective teamwork. Development of a new ‘Belbin Accredited Team Coaching Programme’ was a logical step to provide a new offering to help facilitate team understanding, growth, learning and performance using a team coaching approach.

Belbin Team Coaching Programme a route to awarding an ‘Accredited Diploma in Team Coach Training (ADTCT)

The AC is a leading independent, not-for-profit professional body committed to championing standards of excellence in the coaching profession worldwide. In response to an increasing interest in and provision of team coaching offerings, they have developed a Team Coaching Competency model, following extensive interviews with team coaches and providers of coach training, across the world.

The Belbin programme was successfully reviewed against and passed the comprehensive criteria outlined in the AC competency model before being approved as a route to awarding an ‘Accredited Diploma in Team Coach Training (ADTCT)’.

Anne Kennedy, Corporate Member & Accreditation Manager from the AC said: “We are pleased to recognize that Belbin has successfully been awarded the Association for Coaching (AC) Accredited Team Coaching Accreditation (TCTA) for their course. Belbin has successfully undergone rigorous and robust external assessment and been benchmarked against the highest professional standards.’

Proud to have met the demanding criteria

Managing Director of Belbin, Jo Keeler said: "We have been working with teams for over 35 years. Helping teams to fulfil their potential and work better together is the crux of what we do, day in, day out. We know that teams are the critical link between strategy and business outcomes. Team coaching is an emerging field that enables teams to perform at their best.

When developing our unique team coaching programme, we looked to the high standards and requirements the AC set and cross matched the structure and learning outcomes of our programme. We are proud to have met the demanding criteria and received AC accreditation."


Team Coaching is a growing area to help improve team performance

Team Coaching is a growing area of interest as businesses explore new approaches to help improve collaboration and development to improve team performance and achieve business objectives.

The AC defines Team Coaching as “the application of coaching skills while working with a whole, intact team over time to improve inter-dependent members’ abilities to work together collaboratively to achieve the team’s collective purpose, potential and performance.”   

Chris Jackson, Accredited Team Coaching Lead for Belbin, said: “So many people believe that team coaching is an extension to training or consultancy and can be delivered in a prescriptive or facilitated way using models and frameworks. They simply want to ‘do’ team coaching.

We were very clear in our thinking that the Belbin Accredited Team Coaching Programme needs to be fundamentally different. We don’t teach or train, but work with candidates and explore how they might develop their own team coaching philosophy – or how to ‘be’ a team coach. This is a learning journey. A journey of discovery.”

Belbin Ltd is a Corporate Member of the Association of Coaching (AC) and a regular contributor to the AC professional webinar series.   

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Full details about the Belbin Accredited Team Coaching Programme are available on the website here.