Fire, Toast and Teamwork illustrates each of the Team Roles and their place within the team, and can be used during team building sessions.




The DVD introduces the Team Role theory and provides a practical case study showing a team in action.




The package consists of:




  • Fire, Toast and Teamwork training DVD
  • An in-depth look at each of the nine Team Roles, with advice on how to play each role and how to manage and work with others
  • Q&A session with Dr Meredith Belbin giving an opportunity to gain real insights into the Team Role theory
  • Trainer’s Guide, including information on each of the nine Belbin Team Roles
  • Exercises to be used throughout team building sessions
  • Slides to initiate and aid discussion
  • Ideas for how individuals can use their Team Roles to and advantage within a team
  • Detailed explanations of the Belbin Reports




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A range of older Belbin films are available through the Video Arts OnDemand streaming service:




Building the Perfect Team




This programme dramatises Dr Meredith Belbin's team-role theory, and explains how to identify nine key team roles for a balanced team. In true-to-life scenarios, it shows that although each team member has a functional role they also have a team role and these are critical to the team's success. Each of the nine roles is defined and shown in action.




Selecting the Perfect Team




The programme complements recruitment and management skills training, helping to train managers to
• Choose the right candidate to fit into your team every time
• Recognise and maximise the skills of internal staff
• Save money by making more effective recruitment decisions




Does the Team Work?




The purpose of this film is to ensure staff know the job they're doing, why they're doing it and how their work affects their colleagues. In today's competitive environment people are busier than ever before. It is therefore essential that they really understand their role. This programme, based on Belbin's workset model, looks at the performance of the team aboard a science fiction-style space freighter, which is inexplicably heading off target. Belbin's unique system of colour-coding tasks makes it easier for teams to understand the nature of their work, and how it contributes to their objectives.

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