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What is Belbin Contribute?

Contribute is a game designed to demonstrate the strengths and contributions of each of the nine Belbin Team Roles, developing the team’s understanding of the roles within a learning environment.

Contribute is made up of nine different tasks, involving everything from caption writing to guiding other members of the team onto a sheep pen. Each exercise corresponds with a Team Role and the team must decide who should perform each task. The team’s objective is to collect all nine Team Role awards within a certain time limit.

Contribute helps the team explore its strengths and weaknesses. What did they do when they realised they had no Completer Finishers and five Shapers? How will they overcome the gaps and overlaps in their team when back at work?

Belbin Contribute Game all components
Belbin Contribute Game Suitcase

How can it be used?

Contribute has been used to help thousands of teams in a variety of ways including:

  • Understanding their strengths and potential weaknesses;
  • Developing a non-confrontational Team Role language;
  • Transforming from an OK team into a high performing team;
  • Highlighting differences in Team Role behaviour and resolving conflict;
  • Enabling newly formed teams to 'hit the ground running'.

What does Belbin Contribute contain?

Contribute can be used time and time again. The briefcase contains:

  • The facilitators manual

This contains all the instructions you need as the facilitator, along with a list of questions to ask during the de-brief. It is this session that brings the learning from theoretical to reality.

  • The players manual

This is given to the nominated Co-ordinator, and off the team goes! It contains information regarding each of the 9 Team Roles, and the exercises that need to be completed.

Each page is laminated, and so can be re-used.


Belbin Contribute Game Implementer Exercise
Belbin Contribute Game Sheep pen mat

The briefcase also contains the materials required for the:

  • Shaper exercise: Blindfolds, whistle and sheep-pen mat
  • Implementer exercise: Magnetic board and shapes

And, as the facilitator awards each successfully completed exercise with a jigsaw piece, a jigsaw is contained too.


How to run

The facilitator’s manual contains pointers for observation and feedback to the team, so it can be used by Team Role novices and Belbin accredited practitioners alike.

Questions to be raised after completing the Contribute exercise can include:

  • How were the tasks allocated? Did everyone share their Team Role strengths?
  • Were there any gaps? How did the team overcome this?
  • How did the team resolve any problems arising from more than one person having a particular Team Role strength?
  • How can this be related to a recent situation faced by the team?
  • Now that everyone has shared their Belbin strengths and weaknesses, would this have changed the recent project outcomes?
Belbin Contribute Game Manual 4
Belbin Contribute Game Whistle

How long does it take? What else do I need to know?

Contribute can be run with 4-9 participants, and takes approximately one hour.

The feedback and debrief can take as long as required. It is strongly recommended that each participant has completed their Self-Perception Inventory, and obtained a minimum of four Observer Assessments prior to commencing the exercise.

The Belbin Individual reports play an important part in allocating the nine tasks, and so time should be set aside to ensure that each participant has had the opportunity to read through their Belbin Individual report beforehand.

Free Belbin reports!

To play Contribute, each person within the team needs their Belbin Individual report to hand.

This is why we include 90 credits with your purchase - enough for 9 Individual reports. Or 7 Individual reports and one Team report... 

How you use them is up to you! The 90 credits are worth £351+ VAT. 


Belbin Individual report


Belbin Contribute, including 90 report credits, costs just £495 + delivery + VAT 

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Watch Belbin Contribute in action

Taken from a half-day workshop with the team from Oppo Icecream.

Two teams were competing against each other against the clock - great energy, fun and learning!

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