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With Valentines day just around the corner, here is our Team Role take on the classic:

"Roses are red violets are blue...

... if I were a Resource Investigator

... if I were a Teamworker

... if I were a Co-ordinator

I’d negotiate with you.

I’d hope you’d like me too...

I’d delegate to you.

... if I were a Plant

... if I were a Monitor Evaluator

... if I were a Specialist

I’d think of something original.

I’d work out the logical reasons why I should be with you.

I’d do my research on you.

... if I were a Shaper

... if I were an Implementer

... if I were a Completer Finisher

We’d be married!

I’d plan my whole life with you!

I’d make no mistakes with you!

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Belbin Individual Reports

Before you can analyse your teams, you need to look at each individual's contribution. So, the first thing you will need to do is to generate a Belbin Individual report for each member of the team.

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Belbin Team Reports

Whether you're forming a new team, introducing new people to an existing team, or trying to resolve issues within a team, a Belbin Team report can help you to manage it.

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Why Use Belbin?

Belbin Team Roles are used to identify behavioural strengths and weaknesses in the workplace. Whether developing people, resolving conflict or fine-tuning high performance...

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Belbin Training and Workshops

Practical Belbin Workshop

A 'train the trainer' hands-on workshop to help you understand how to use Belbin Team Roles - to help you, your managers, teams and organisation!

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Team Workshops

If you are experiencing problems with particular people or teams, then a Belbin workshop could be the answer.

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Belbin Accreditation

Belbin Team Role Accreditation is recommended for anyone who wants to use Belbin Team Roles to improve the performance of teams, and maximise working relationships.