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Just Right Scotland

Using Belbin to foster collaborative working within a team of lawyers.

“The JustRight Scotland team used Belbin to help us explore some important dynamics that have developed in our team.  We are a newly founded charity in Scotland, comprising five experienced human rights lawyers working on a range of access to justice and equalities issue.

As a small team, we rely on strong relationships to ensure that we individually work towards common goals, whilst maintaining consistency in our high standards of client care and partnership working.  

Although we have all trained as lawyers, we are five very different individuals.  We completed the Belbin Individual Reports prior to a Team Away Day we had scheduled to reflect on our progress over our first nine months. The Belbin Team Report was a great way to open a frank and illuminating discussion about how we are drawn to different types of tasks, and fulfil very different roles within the team.

Our minds were buzzing with ideas afterwards, some of which we are now implementing in our day-to-day work.  So thanks again, to the Belbin team, for a much appreciated contribution to our work!”

Jennifer Ang  |  Partner/Director | First Right Scotland