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The Belbin Experience

Belbin Accredited Fact3 recently ran their “Belbin Experience” package with Richard Threlfall Group with excellent outcomes.


"We recently delivered our Belbin Experience sessions to our clients, Orseal and Silteq, part of the Richard Threlfall Group.  RTG were looking to recruit at a very high level within the businesses and were eager to find a way to ensure they selected the right people for the positions. Aside from qualification, experience and ability to carry out the roles, it’s incredibly important that the successful candidates are the right team fit.


Belbin Team Roles is the perfect tool for creating high performing teams and enabling teams to understand each other’s working styles in order to perform to their full potential. RTG saw this as a fantastic opportunity to not only compliment their current recruitment and selection campaign but to also take a look at their management teams.


Our “Belbin Experience” package, delivered over a 1 day session, gives individuals and teams a complete understanding of their working styles and behaviours, how these fit within a high performing team and how to make the most of the contributions each person makes, as well as addressing any areas for improvement; giving solutions for frustrations and sticking points that can quite often happen within working teams.


Our Belbin Job Profiling reports enabled RTG to make full use of the Belbin Experience sessions in support of their recruitment campaign. By completing a few questions on the positions for which they were hiring, we were able to produce RTG with an “ideal fit” candidate profile and then compare the self-assessment profiles completed by the candidates to provide an extra element when determining who is more likely to have the best team and behavioural fit for the roles.


Director, Dennis Crompton had this to say about the sessions:

'I’m now positive that this is the way to go with recruitment and succession planning. We not only know what we need for the roles but we’re able to ensure we have the best support network in place through the teams.

As the Director, I am constantly carrying out cost analysis on everything within the company and consider it incredibly important to business. I can honestly say that the Belbin Experience days delivered by Jayne and the training team from were not only very well presented but well worth the investment.'"


Jayne Sanderson Brown, Partner, Fact3 (Formally


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