Are you a manager responsible for recruitment within your team or department?

Do you have an effective process for finding the right person that really works? Or are you still puzzled as to why some hires work, and some don’t?

As a manager, your role is to hire good staff and manage them effectively. However, recruiting staff doesn’t ‘come naturally’ to most, and is hard! We rarely spend the time to develop an effective recruitment process, and in an SME, even if there is a HR department to help out, as the manager, the decision is always yours.

By spending time improving your recruitment process, you will start to recruit the people you really want and need. And getting the right people for the right jobs means that you will get:

  • Increased employee performance and productivity
  • Increased employee engagement and
  • Increased employee retention.

To this end, we are delighted to be working in collaboration with Bob Penney from Mercatius Ltd.

A bit about Bob:

Bob’s recommendations on LinkedIn speak volumes. In a nutshell, Bob has over 35 years commercial experience in the life science industry; has set up and led 4 companies; has been personally involved in recruiting ‘A’ Teams for the past 18 years, thanks in part to using Belbin as part of his recruitment process since 2000. He now spends his time helping SMEs establish & develop their businesses & processes as well as working as a mentor and assessor for the NHS Clinical Entrepreneurs programme.


Bob’s early experiences in managing and recruitment led to the following frustrations:

  • The amount of time, money and team spirit that was wasted when hiring the wrong people.
  • Decisions were heavily subjective, and opinion based
  • Over dependence on CVs led to wrong assumptions being made about capabilities
  • The process took up a lot of management time
  • Recruitment agencies’ performance was variable at best - but it wasn't their fault

And he soon found that he wasn’t the only one who was experiencing the same.

The challenge

  • How to hire the right person for the right job & team first time?
  • Make recruitment decisions more objective & less subjective
  • Devise a process that better enables judging candidates on an equal basis, takes less management time and makes better use of agencies

Sharing experiences

Learn from Bob's experiences, and understand how recruiting based on "Eligibility" and "Suitability" is a process that really works.

If you are a manager in need of help, book your place on this workshop and leave with the knowledge and understanding to start putting the processes together that will help you to recruit the right people, in the right jobs, in the right team.

Objectives of the workshop

To provide you, as a manager from a SME, with:

  • A process that can help you hire the right people for the right jobs and team
  • Principles on which you can base your own recruitment process
  • Tools that you can adapt for use in your own recruitment
  • Ways of working that can reduce management time used in recruiting

The details

  • Date: Tuesday 9th April
  • Time: 9 – 5 pm
  • Place: The Moller Centre, Cambridge.
  • Cost: £995 + VAT per delegate. This includes all refreshments, including lunch, workbook, a full Belbin Individual Report, and up to half a day free consulting time from Bob to aid implementation in your company.

The workshop is limited in number to ensure that it remains an interactive and useful workshop, with delegates leaving with the confidence to implement processes that will help them make better recruitment decisions.

To book:

Please email, or complete the booking form below.

We look forward to meeting you.


Hiring the right people, for the right jobs and right team

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The cost is £995 + VAT per delegate

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