It's all change at the moment.

Organisations we are speaking with are currently planning how the return to office working is impacting their teams, and how we they can keep everyone engaged during the transition. Of course, everyone has a different baseline when it comes to accepting change.

In Belbin Team Role terms, Plants are likely to be on board if the change stems from their own idea. Resource Investigators and Shapers are likely to be the most comfortable with change, because they find it exciting and enjoy the prospect of new opportunities and visible progress.

During this webinar we will be discussing and sharing how we have helped teams through periods of change, and the part each Belbin Team Role plays.

Jo Keeler and Deborah McGovern discuss change - both planned for and forced upon! What does this mean for teams and how can the language of Belbin help.

This is just one conversation taken from our Belbin Webinar channel. All webinars can be viewed directly on our Belbin YouTube Channel.

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