It’s party time and everyone has a role to play. Can you spot yourself and your colleagues?


The reason why everyone knows what they’re doing and feels up to the job at hand.


The reason why you’re all going to some quirky location you’ve never heard of.

Monitor Evaluator

The reason why you’re not going to the Plant’s first suggestion.

Resource Investigator

The reason why everything is coming in under budget. Who knew they were owed so many favours?


The reason why everyone will turn up at the same time, at the same venue, with their transport home already booked. Organised 23 diaries, opinions and sets of dietary requirements – with a little help from the Teamworker and the Specialist of course!

Completer Finisher

The reason why everyone will be arriving at 7pm on the 22nd, not the 12th. You'd have thought the team would have learned their lesson after last year’s fiasco.


The reason there is still going to be a party after the ‘fall-out’ from the Plant and Monitor Evaluator during the ‘brain storming stage’. Is also handling the political ramifications of the Secret Santa with aplomb.


The reason everyone found their way to the Plant’s off-piste restaurant. They love London so much, they spent their evenings learning ‘The Knowledge’. Handy.


The reason the whole thing came off. There was just too much Christmas cheer at the planning meeting, and things were heading off-schedule. They all blamed the sherry trifle.


Could you identify yourself and your colleagues? Why not treat yourself to a Belbin Individual Report to check!


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