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The Belbin Team Role Guide to Football Supporters

by The Belbin Team, 11 Jul 2024

It looks like it's coming home. Can you recognise yourself, your family and friends when they are watching the game?


Our Position Regarding COVID-19

by The Belbin Team, 18 Mar 2020

With the disruption that COVID – 19 is having on the world, and with the uncertainty of what each day brings, we believe that understanding ourselves, and those we work with, is as important as ever.


Team Roles at the CIPD FoW

by The Belbin Team, 18 Jun 2019

We have exhibited at the CIPD’s London show for over twenty years, and we thought we had our customers sussed. But now the show has changed, have the customers changed too?


Teams, their Managers and The World Cup

by The Belbin Team | Victoria Brown, 15 Jun 2018

As we count down to the beginning of the 2018 World Cup, there’s no end of speculation and commentary as to how the teams will fare. Of course, there are so many variables which can make or break...


Do you know an Indy from a Melon?*

by The Belbin Team, 21 Feb 2018

Belbin is the language of teams and of business. It’s not a fad or a new initiative. It is practical, resonates with managers and has longevity. It embeds itself within business practice.


A substitute for every player in Germany's World Cup victory

by The Belbin Team, 15 Jul 2014

On the face of it, Germany didn’t have the best start to Sunday night’s World Cup final.