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"They're waiting for the tools to build great teams."


The majority of the world’s employees (59%) are 'quiet quitting'.

That’s according to Gallup's latest State of the Workplace Report.

And these quiet quitters are the best opportunities for driving organic business growth. They’re already in the chair, waiting to be encouraged and inspired.

What's more – your quiet quitters know what they would change. And for the biggest group (41%), it isn't about pay, benefits or even wellbeing… It's engagement and culture.

"For everyone to get recognized for their contributions" is at the top of the list.

Clearer goals and stronger guidance feature too, along with more approachable managers and open conversations.

We know that focusing on strengths boosts team performance. And we know that management is a big part of the equation, with 70% of engagement attributable to managers.

But managers don't have a magic wand.

"Many or most of your managers are quiet quitting too," say Gallup. They're stressed and overworked as well. And "they are waiting for the tools to build great teams."

We have that tool

We know that people need more than a colour or symbol on an awayday and then back to ‘business as usual’. They need a practical, evidenced-based and strengths-focused strategy which can become part of the fabric of everyday working.

Belbin is the practical language that managers need to help their teams on the ground: to recognise and celebrate strengths; to facilitate more effective collaboration and delegation; to manage conflict, and so much more.

We've worked with thousands of teams to boost engagement, and the effects on performance speak for themselves.

Boost engagement with Belbin reports

People are more engaged when working to their strengths. Belbin reports can help.

The Belbin Individual report helps people to identify and articulate their strengths.

The Observer Assessment element (feedback from the team) ensures that the results are evidential and grounded in reality, and can be hugely beneficial in uncovering latent talents and areas where new strengths can be cultivated.

The Belbin Team report

The Belbin Team report helps boost team engagement by creating a broader picture of team culture and situating individuals within this, so that everyone knows how they contribute to the whole.

The report identifies the team’s strengths, and gaps or overlaps in Team Role contribution which might pose potential risks to the team’s performance.

Working together

For managers struggling with dynamics in the team, the Working Relationship reports target particular Team Role relationships between two people, offering advice and discussion-starters to broach challenges and address conflict constructively.

This is a useful report to facilitate conversations between individuals which helps to build trust and psychological safety within the team.

Strengths align with job

Individuals can become disengaged when their Team Role strengths don’t closely match their job description.

For example, a strong Resource Investigator is likely to struggle with routine work that doesn’t offer the opportunity to get out and meet new people.

Our Job and Job Comparison reports can help boost engagement by helping managers characterise a job in terms of Team Roles, and establishing the strengths needed to perform that job well.

This can assist when assessing performance or performing gap analysis. 

Belbin is the gold standard team tool

Looking for a more tailored solution? Our bespoke workshops use Belbin theory and practice to address the most pressing issues facing your organisation, and your people.

We facilitate sessions with teams at all levels, from boards of directors to new recruits, and our workshops can be conducted online via the platform of your choice, or face to face.

More information about our workshops

We believe in instigating sustainable solutions for your business – a methodology which recognises and appreciates diverse contributions, and acts as a language to embed that learning into the everyday.

The result? Individuals and teams who are engaged in their work and with those around them.

Belbin is the gold standard team tool. Contact us to find out more.

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