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I couldn't resist – this has just been played out in front of me...

The Resource Investigator is out immediately to film the snow falling to upload on to their Instagram/Twitter/Facebook account. It's snnnnooooowwwwwwwwing! The excitement is palpable.

The Teamworker is ensuring that everyone can get home OK – best leave now if you're feeling nervous about driving in the snow. Hot chocolate, anyone?

The Specialist is busy telling everyone that actually it's very unusual for it to snow in Cambridge, because the landscape is flat, air compresses as it rises up hills, and there are no hills here. Also as the air comes further inland, the drier it becomes, so then there isn't so much moisture left in the clouds…

High Shaper? They're not leaving until they've finished the proposal they are putting together. The deadline is 4pm and it will not be late. It's snow. It's been done before.

The Implementer is checking that the materials dispatched the day before have reached their destination and is putting together Plan B, should there be any disruption to events.

The Monitor Evaluator is still on the website, looking for all the available information before they decide whether the snow is here to stay, or whether it's just a little flurry. No need to make a knee jerk reaction if it's all going to have melted in 60 minutes' time. And certainly no need to get excited.

The Co-ordinator remains calm and unflappable. They have delegated the task of salting the pathway and are considering who would be best to give them a lift home.

The Plant is outside making wonderful snow sculptures and creating something truly magnificent. Just a shame they haven't remembered their coat, hat and gloves, or realised that they've now blocked the driveway.

The Completer Finisher hasn't noticed. They've been immersed in the details of the Shaper's proposal since 6am. Snow or no snow, it's got to be right.

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