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Internships provide the ideal opportunity to enable people entering the workforce to discover and develop their strengths in their chosen career.

Interns at a Fortune 500 company – one of the largest utility companies in the US – underwent the Belbin process as part of a 3-month internship. The interns were introduced to Belbin Team Roles via the Belbin DVD, ‘Fire Toast and Teamwork’. They received their Belbin GetSet Reports, took part in a practical teambuilding activity, and then completed a mapping exercise to better understand how individual Team Roles (and any voids or surpluses) played out during the activity. The organisers commented that using Belbin was beneficial to the interns and that the students seemed to find value in it.

When asked about their experience of Belbin as part of their internship:

  • agreed or strongly agreed that an understanding of Belbin enabled them to use their strengths more often during their internship.


  • said that understanding their Belbin strengths enabled them to work more effectively in a team.


  • said that they would recommend Belbin to others embarking on an internship.


  • agreed that use of the Belbin Observer Assessments improved their self-awareness and understanding of how others see their strengths.


  • said that understanding Belbin strengths improved their individual performance.


  • said that discovering Belbin had increased their engagement at work.


Many of the interns mentioned the inclusion of Observer Assessments as the most useful aspect of the Belbin Reports. After all, it's finding out how others see and value our behaviour in the workplace that provides the insight and personal growth.

Others mentioned:

  • the accuracy of the report;
  • the usefulness of the tips for interview,
  • and the opportunity to understand the Team Role tendencies of others in the team, since it enabled them to learn how to develop and lead diverse team members.


Belbin GetSet is designed especially for students, interns and others who might be new to the workplace, since it draws on experiences of teamworking outside the world of work and focuses on exploring Team Role behaviours as the individual’s career progresses.

Belbin GetSet helps people entering the world of work by:

  • Enabling them to discover and cultivate strengths
  • Building self-confidence
  • Promoting positive self-presentation
  • Increasing self-knowledge and understanding of individual differences
  • Enhancing personal development
  • Helping to articulate preferred working and learning styles


Belbin GetSet gives employers the tools to place apprentices effectively within a team or organisation, uncover their strengths and manage their ongoing learning and development throughout their apprenticeship.

Belbin GetSet:

  • Uses professional language and concepts in preparation for the workplace
  • Assists individual in creating a personal statement which can form a
    valuable resource for placement, performance reviews and ongoing
    personal development
  • Prompts individual to identify supporting examples of key workplace
  • Introduces the concept of peer review and encourages individuals to act
    on feedback
  • Identifies the benefits and potential pitfalls of teamworking
  • Offers advice on where they might fit within a team and how to work
    effectively with others 

For more information on using Belbin with students and interns, please visit the Belbin GetSet Website, or contact us today.


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