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We're delighted to have a guest blog from one of our Indian Representatives - Pearl D'Souza. We hope you will enjoy listening to the songs as much as Pearl and her team did when putting them together! 

If you are someone who enjoys music, you will agree it has the power to motivate, soothe, heal, encourage and help bring out one’s best. Some songs speak to our innermost being and it is as if it completely reflects what we have going on in our hearts and minds!

We did an interesting exercise on our Belbin Forum (a whatsapp forum here in India for Belbin practitioners to share and strengthen Belbin Team Role learning and insights). We discussed what could be songs one could dedicate to the different Team Roles. It was an engaging discussion and such a wonderful opportunity to also be introduced to different genres of music.

With the help of Belbin Practitioners in India - Priya Nair, Andrea Stone, Haresh Lulla, Deepak Deshpande, Sarita Sanil, Stephen Chinnaswamy, Anjana Justin, we are proud to present the Belbin Jukebox!

Action Oriented Roles:

  • Shaper: (A go getter who refocuses the team) - I’ve got the power- Snap. The beats totally gets you into action and even starts with the lyrics ‘like the crack of the whip I snap attack’. It speaks to the Shaper’s contribution of getting things done.. ‘now’!



  • Implementer: (Disciplined, hard working) Lakshya - title track. This song is from a very successful Indian war drama movie. The song speaks of sticking to one’s goal however difficult. It translates into ‘this is your path, you will follow- no matter how difficult’. The accompanying imagery reflects very well dedication and discipline.

  • Completer Finisher: (Focused on details, perfection) 'Do what you do, do well'- Ned Miller. It's a simple philosophy - whatever you do, do well, give your love and all your heart - it's definitely what a Completer Finisher does when they lose themselves in the quest of perfection!


 Social Oriented Roles:

  • Resource Investigator: (Networking, connecting with the outside world) Reach out & touch somebody's hand - Diana Ross. There are definitely strong Team Worker elements here too! 

  • Co ordinator: (Good understanding of goal, motivation) Chale chalo- Lagaan - A song from one of the most loved and very popular Hindi movies - it brings out strong motivation, the delegation aspects and the ‘all in it together’ attitude really well. Translates into ‘Lets move on.. (toward our goal)’. Elements of Implementer (hardwork) and Team Worker (team bonding) are seen here.   

  • Teamworker: (Sensitive to needs of others, helpful) Saathi Hath Badhana -Naya Daur. An old Hindi favourite- a classic! roughly translated into 'friends help each other - alone one will get tired, together we lift the load’. The movie is set in a rural atmosphere with industrialisation slowly creeping in and is a classic ‘man v/s machine’ tale.

Thinking Roles:

  • Plant: (Imaginative, solves difficult problems) - Imagine- John Lennon. You may say I'm a dreamer, But I'm not the only one, I hope some day you'll join us, And the world will be as one.


  • Monitor Evaluator: (Weighs all options, analytical) Should I stay or should I go - The Clash. Definitely looks for all options before deciding.

  • Specialist (Narrow but deep focus, knowledgeable) - I'm just a love machine - Miracles With lyrics such as: When I look in your eyes, My meter starts to rise, And I become confused. My motor cranked electric goes When I'm sitting next to you - this is completely an Specialist in love..


Can you think of more songs that can be dedicated to the Team Roles? Email us at [email protected] and we'll add them in! 


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