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The future of work is a huge topic for people in the workplace - but it's also something of a hot potato because there are so many topics, challenges and talking points for consideration. As with all things in life, nothing happens in isolation within a workplace, making tackling the future of work feel sometimes, to be too intractable to know where to start! 

Kate Cooper is the Head of Research, Policy and Standards at The Institute of Leadership & Management. She is renowned as a speaker and for being forthright in sharing her thoughts on the world of work. 

Jo Keeler is the Managing Partner at Belbin. She travels the world to talk about high performing teams, management and how increasing our own self awareness and that of our team leads to better outcomes.

Together, using the famous 'this or that' format, they talk about recruitment, management, office environments and of course, teams and how they work. And there's also some conversation about ice cream, because they were filmed in Oppo's London offices. 

We start with a topic which is of interest to everyone, for a myriad of reasons - Flexible Working or 9 to 5.

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