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Management Teams - Why They Succeed or Fail

Provides an informative introduction to Team Role theory. It is one of the most widely read, imaginative and influential books on this vital area of management research and was cited by the Financial Times as one of the top fifty business books of all time.

Team Roles at Work

Provides a practical guide to Belbin Team Roles. Find out how to apply the nine Belbin Team Roles in a real-life setting. Operational strategies provide ideas, techniques and a new range of information and advice that can be used to the advantage of the organisation.

The Belbin Guide to Succeeding at Work

Provides a clear, concise introduction to Belbin Team Roles and then going on to apply the roles in a variety of practical situations. An ideal read for anyone starting out in the world of work or a new job, or for those entering into management.


The Coming Shape of Organization

Dr. Meredith Belbin uses his insight and expertise in teams to take the reader on a fascinating journey.
Dr Belbin moves from exploring the problems of typical hierarchies to restructured, flatter organisations, which give rise to their own set of issues.


Changing the Way We Work

Dr. Belbin describes a radical new approach to work allocation and distribution, designed to improve efficiency.

Beyond the Team

Dr Belbin draws on his extensive work with organisations worldwide to give further insights into the workings of teams and groups.