Earlier this week, Liz was spending her lunch break ordering the weekly shop online. She had a freezer inventory on one side, and a cupboard inventory on the other. I had never seen anything quite so organised - if I remember a list I'm doing well. This led to some debate, which resulted in this. Enjoy.



Only aware that they need to go when there is NOTHING in the cupboard or fridge. Goes to somewhere random, picks up whatever takes their fancy/catches their imagination, and forgets the loo roll.


Checks with everyone in the house if they need anything. Notices that little Johnny is a bit sniffly and seeing as there is a coldy/flu thing going around, adds Calpol to the list.


Goes to the online shopping site, clicks regular order, compares to the ongoing fridge/cupboard inventory, makes a few changes and clicks submit. Every Thursday. Without fail.

Completer Finisher

Their attention to detail means that shopping is a marathon. Checking each and every label and ensuring that the special offer really is a bargain by calculating the price per gram. Gets a bit indecisive in the cake aisle and can be seen straightening displays as they pass.

Resource Investigator

Tends not to do all their shopping in the same place as they know where the bargains are, when the best time to go is for the reduced items, and knows Karen in the cafe.


Why shop when you can get someone else to do it for you? That’s what online shopping and other halves are for.


There is a café at work so only really notices that they haven’t got anything to eat at the weekend. Lives on toast.

Monitor Evaluator

Preparation is key. Always investigates the offers first online and ensures they eat beforehand – you don’t want hunger pangs to influence the shopping list. Would shop online but prefers to choose their own bananas.


In, out in less than 30 minutes, done.


Where do you fit?

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